Born On This Day...

In 1544 Physician/scientist, William Gilbert (magnetism)
In 1686 Physicist, Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit temperature scale)
In 1743 King George III of Great Britain (1760-1820)
In 1743 French politician/writer, Jean Paul Marat
In 1816 Painter, Emanuel Leutze (Washington Crossing the Delaware)
In 1819 Queen Victoria of Great Britain (1837-1901)
In 1882 Silet film actor, Creighton Hale (Cat & Canary)
In 1893 Writer/columnist, Elsa Maxwell (Hotel For Women)
In 1895 Publisher, Samuel I. Newhouse (Parade, Vogue, Glamour)
In 1904 British singer/comedian, George Formby [d: 3-6-61]
In 1909 Congressman, Wilbur D. Mills (Fanne Fox scandal) [d: 5-2-92]
In 1914 Actress, Lilli Palmer (The Boys From Brazil) [d: 1-27-86]
In 1918 Civil rights leader/mayor, Coleman Alexander Young [d: 11-29-97]
In 1925 Actress/director, Mai Zetterling (Hitchhiker) [d: 3-15-94]
In 1927 Olympic athlete, John Kelly Jr. (Olypmic-Bronze-1956) [d: 3-2-85]
In 1928 Writer/correspondent, Roger Caras [d: 2-18-01]
In 1934 Former Chicago mayor, Jane Byrne [d: 11-14-14]
In 1938 Actor/comedian, Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong) (81)
In 1940 Poet/author, Joseph A. Brodsky [d: 1-28-96]
In 1941 Singer/songwriter, Bob Dylan (Blowin in the Wind, Lay Lady Lay) (78)
In 1941 Guitarist, Tony Valentino (Standells) (78)
In 1942 Guitarist, Derek Quinn (Freddie & Dreamers) (77)
In 1943 Actor, Gary Burghoff (Walter "Radar" O'Reilly-M*A*S*H) (76)
In 1944 Singer/actress, Patti LaBelle (New Attitude, On My Own) (75)
In 1945 Actress, Priscilla Presley (Jenna Wade-Dallas, Naked Gun) (74)
In 1946 Drummer, Steve Upton (Wishbone Ash) (73)
In 1947 Country singer, Mike Reid (72)
In 1948 Actress, Judy Kahan (All's Fair, Mary Hartman, Free Country) (71)
In 1953 Actress, Nell Campbell (Rocky Horror Picture Show) (66)
In 1953 Actor, Alfred Molina (Jimmy-Ladies Man, Dudley Do Right) (66)
In 1955 Country singer, Rosanne Cash (daughter of Johnny Cash) (64)
In 1956 Singer/drummer, Larry Blackmon (Cameo) (63)
In 1960 Actress, Kristin Scott Thomas (English Patient, Random Hearts) (59)
In 1963 Basketball player, Joe Dumars III (Pistons) (56)
In 1963 Actor, Gene Anthony Ray (Leroy Johnson-Fame) [d: 11-14-03]
In 1963 Keyboardist, Vivian Trimble (Luscious Jackson) (56)
In 1965 Actor, John C. Reilly (Thin Red Line, For Love of the Game) (54)
In 1966 Auto racer, Ricky Craven (NASCAR) (53)
In 1967 Actor, Victor Browne (Drew-One Life To Live) (52)
In 1967 Actor, Eric Close (Sisters, Dark Skies, Now & Again) (52)
In 1967 Rap singer, Heavy D [Dwight Myers] [d: 11-8-11]
In 1969 Actor, Carl Anthony Payne (Cockroach-Cosby Show, Cole-Martin) (50)
In 1969 Guitarist, Rich Robinson (Black Crowes) (50)
In 1970 Singer, Tommy Page (I'll Be Your Everything) [d: 3-3-17]
In 1974 Actress, Dash Mihok (Felicity, Ray Donovan) (45)
In 1975 Actor, Will Sasso (Mad TV, Carl-Less Than Perfect) (44)
In 1980 Actor, Billy L. Sullivan (Will-Something So Right) (39)
In 1982 Actor, Jeremy Torgerson (Danny-Second Noah) (37)
In 1983 Actor, Ricky Mabe (Steven Winter-Commando Nanny) (36)
In 1986 Dancer, Mark Ballas (Dancing with the Stars) (33)
In 1988 Country singer, Billy Gilman (31)
In 1988 Actor, Paul Robert Langdon (Sergio-Without a Trace) (31)
In 1989 Rap singer, G-Eazy (Runaround Sue) (30)
In 1990 Auto racer, Joey Logano aka Sliced Bread (Daytona 500-2015) (29)
In 1991 Actress, Sarah Ramos (Patty-American Dreams) (28)
In 1993 Actor, Bobby Lockwood (House of Anubis) (26)
In 1994 Actor, Cayden Boyd (A True Underdog


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