Born On This Day...

In 1663 Publisher, William II Bradford (first New York newspaper)
In 1750 Financier, Stephen Girard (bailed out U.S. bonds during War of 1812)
In 1759 Architect, William Thornton (designed the Capitol at Washington, DC)
In 1768 Dorothea "Dolley" Madison, wife of President James Madison
In 1799 French novelist/playwright, Honore de Balzac
In 1806 English philosopher, John Stuart Mill
In 1818 Businessman, William George Fargo (co-founded Wells, Fargo & Co)
In 1822 Economist, Frederic Passy (co-winner of first Nobel Peace Prize)
In 1844 French painter, Henri Rousseau
In 1851 German inventor, Emile Berliner (microphone, grammaphone)
In 1890 Italian tenor, Beniamino Gigli
In 1894 Author, Adela Rogers St. Johns (Mother Confessor of Hollywood)
In 1899 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, John Marshall Harlan II (1955-71)
In 1901 World chess champion, Max Euwe (1935-37) [d: 11-26-81]
In 1904 British novelist, Margery Allingham (Albert Campion) [d: 6-30-66]
In 1908 Actor, Jimmy Stewart (It's A Wonderful Life, Harvey) [d: 7-2-97]
In 1915 Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Dayan [d: 10-16-81]
In 1919 Comedian/actor, George Gobel (I Love My Wife) [d: 2-24-91]
In 1921 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Hal Newhouser (Detroit) [d: 11-10-98]
In 1923 Actress, Edith Fellows (Jane Eyre, Dinky, City Streets) [d: 6-26-11]
In 1924 Actor, Herman Wedemeyer (Duke Lukela-Hawaii Five-O) [d: 1-25-99]
In 1926 Singer, Vic Ames (The Ames Brothers) [d: 1-23-78]
In 1927 Football Hall-of-Famer, Bud Grant (Vikings) (92)
In 1929 Actor, David Hedison (Voyage to Bottom Sea, License to Kill) (90)
In 1930 Actor, James McEachin (Lt. Brock-Perry Mason TV movies) (89)
In 1933 Actress, Constance Towers (Clarissa McCandless-Capitol) (86)
In 1936 Actor, Anthony Zerbe (Harry O, Teaspoon Hunter-Young Riders) (83)
In 1940 Singer/songwriter, Shorty Long (Here Comes the Judge) [d: 6-29-69]
In 1942 Singer, Jill Jackson [Paul & Paula] (Hey Paula) (77)
In 1942 Football Hall-of-Famer, Leroy Kelly (77)
In 1944 Singer, Joe Cocker (Cry Me A River, You Are So Beautiful) [d: 12-22-14]
In 1944 Astronaut, David M. Walker (STS-51A) [d: 4-23-01]
In 1946 Actress/singer, Cher [Cherilyn Sarkisian] (Suspect, Moonstruck) (73)
In 1946 Baseball player, Bobby Ray Murcer (Yankees) [d: 7-12-08]
In 1949 Actor/comedian, Dave Thomas (SCTV, Russell-Grace Under Fire) (70)
In 1950 Drummer, Warren Cann (Ultravox) (69)
In 1951 Astronaut, Thomas D. Akers (STS-41, 49) (68)
In 1951 Football player, Cullen Bryant (Rams-Super Bowl XIV) [d: 10-13-09]
In 1954 Guitarist, Jimmy Henderson (Black Oak Arkansas) [d: 3-5-16]
In 1955 Keyboardist, Steve George (Mr. Mister) (64)
In 1956 Actor, Dean Butler (The New Gidget, Buffy The Vampire Slayer) (63)
In 1958 TV host/actor, Ron Reagan (son of former President Reagan) (61)
In 1958 Guitarist, Jane Wiedlin (Go-Gos, Fur, Rush Hour) (61)
In 1959 Singer, Sue Cowsill (The Cowsills) (60)
In 1959 Actor, Bronson Pinchot (Perfect Strangers, Beverly Hills Cop) (60)
In 1960 Actor, John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox-Enterprise) (59)
In 1960 Actor, Tony Goldwyn (Ghost, Kuffs, The Pelican Brief, Nixon) (59)
In 1961 Singer/guitarist, Nick Heyward (Haircut 100) (58)
In 1961 Golfer, Sally Quinlan (58)
In 1962 Actress/model, Sylvie Rauch (57)
In 1963 Guitarist, Brian Nash (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) (56)
In 1965 Actress, Fia Porter (One Life To Live) (54)
In 1965 Actor, Paolo Seganti (Damian Grimaldi-As The World Turns) (54)
In 1966 Actress, Mindy Cohn (Natalie Green-The Facts of Life) (53)
In 1966 Actress, Gina Ravera (Joss-Time of Your Life) (53)
In 1972 Rap singer, Busta Rhymes (47)
In 1974 Singer, Grant Baciocco (Throwing Toasters) (45)
In 1977 Actress, Angela Goethals (Home Alone, Angela Doolan-Phenom) (42)
In 1977 Actress, Miriam Parrish (Jaime-Days Of Our Lives) (42)
In 1981 Singer, Sean Conlon (Five Guys) (38)
In 1984 Singer, Naturi Naughton (3LW) (35)
In 1981 Singer, Rachel Platten ("1,000 Ships") (38)
In 1988 Rap singer, Diamond (Crime Mob) (31)
In 1994 Actor, Peyton Clark (I Didn't Do It) (25)


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