• Women think about grocery shopping about 5 times a day, while men think about it every other day.
  • According to USA Today, about one in six Americans will call a tow truck today.
  • People are 78% more likely to sit in a swing on the weekend in the summer, compared to any other time.
  • Married men are twice as likely to change their underwear every day than single men.
  • Toasters and toaster ovens are the cause of about 3100 house and apartment fires in America every year.
  • About 27% of us are so impatient, we eat food at the grocery store that we haven't paid for yet.
  • A survey says over 40% of us turn down a wedding invitation because we can't afford it.
  • Relationship coaches say that 1 in 5 couples now come to therapy to deal with this? The in-laws.


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