• 39% of men say they actually like it when their wife belches.
  • 40% of American men couldn't tell you the shoe size of their significant other.
  • 34% of Americans say drinking some water is the last thing they do before they get into bed to go to sleep.
  • A recent survey found that one in five people can't name an author.
  • It takes the average woman 45% longer than men to order from a menu.
  • 37% of office workers say they've caught their co-worker picking their nose.
  • The average person has three unpaid bills.
  • According to CareerBuilders.com, 42% of people with master's degrees have traveled abroad, while only about 20% of folks with no college experience have.
  • At one time 90% of kids played with this. Today, only 34% of kids have ever played with this. What is it? Jump rope.


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