Born On This Day...

In 1439 Religious leader, Pope Pius III
In 1630 King Charles II Of Great Britain (1660-85)
In 1736 American revolutionary leader, Patrick Henry
In 1767 Engineer/chemist, Philippe Lebon (illuminating gas)
In 1880 German historian, Oswald Spengler (The Decline of the West)
In 1874 English author/poet, Gilbert Keith Chesterton
In 1880 Historian, Oswald Spengler (The Decline of the West)
In 1897 Austrian composer, Erich Wolfgang Korngold
In 1898 Actress, Beatrice Lillie (Auntie Mame, Throughly Modern Millie)
In 1903 Actor/comedian, Bob Hope (The Paleface, Fancy Pants) [d: 7-27-03]
In 1912 Actress, Iris Adrian (Dottie-Ted Knight Show) [d: 9-17-94]
In 1913 Boxer, Tony Zale (2-time world middleweight champ) [d: 3-20-97]
In 1917 John F. Kennedy, 35th U.S. president (1960-1963) [d: 11-22-63]
In 1918 Game show host, Herb Shriner (Two For The Money) [d: 4-23-70]
In 1921 Actor, Clifton James (Sheriff-Live and Let Die, Superman II) [d: 4-15-17]
In 1923 Bassist, Eugene Wright (Dave Brubeck Quartet) (96)
In 1934 Writer/actress, Nanette Newman (Endless Game, Of Human Bondage) (85)
In 1936 Actress, Arlene McQuade (Rosalie-The Goldbergs) [d: 4-2-1-14]
In 1938 Former MLB Commissioner, Fay Vincent Jr. (81)
In 1939 Auto racer, Al Unser, Sr. (4-time Indianapolis 500 winner) (80)
In 1941 Actor, Robert Logan (J.R. Hale-77 Sunset Strip, Daniel Boone) (78)
In 1942 Actor, Kevin Conway (Slaughterhouse Five, Flash Point) (77)
In 1944 Actor, Helmut Berger (Picture of Dorian Gray, Peter-Dynasty) (75)
In 1945 Singer/keyboardist, Gary Brooker (founded Procol Harum) (74)
In 1947 Actor, Anthony Geary (Luke-General Hospital) (72)
In 1947 Singer, Joey Levine (Yummy Yummy Yummy-Ohio Express) (72)
In 1950 Singer, Rebbie Jackson (The Jacksons) (69)
In 1953 Actress/singer, Karla DeVito (66)
In 1953 Composer/musician, Danny Elfman (Batman) (Oingo Boingo) (66)
In 1955 Bassist, Mike Porcaro (Toto) [d: 3-16-15]
In 1955 Auto racer, Ken Schrader (NASCAR driver) (64)
In 1956 Singer, LaToya Jackson (If You Feel The Funk) (63)
In 1958 Actress, Annette Bening (American President, American Beauty) (61)
In 1959 Actor, Rupert Everett (My Best Friend's Wedding) (60)
In 1959 Drummer, Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds) (60)
In 1959 Actor, Adrian Paul (The Colbys, Dark Shadows, Highlander) (60)
In 1961 Singer/songwriter, Melissa Etheridge (I'm The Only One) (58)
In 1961 Drummer, David Palmer (ABC, AC/DC) (58)
In 1962 Baseball player, Eric Davis (Dodgers) (57)
In 1963 Actress, Tracey Bregman-Recht (Lauren-Young & Restless) (56)
In 1963 Actress, Lisa Whelchel (Blair Warner-The Facts of Life) (56)
In 1964 Actress, Robin Johnson (Times Square) (55)
In 1965 Tennis player, Emilio Sanchez (Olympic-Bronze-1988) (54)
In 1967 Singer/guitarist, Noel Gallagher (Oasis) (52)
In 1967 Jazz trumpeter, Wycliffe Gordon (52)
In 1968 Singer, Blaze Bayley (Wolfsbane, Iron Maiden) (51)
In 1969 Guitarist, Chan Kinchla (Run Around, Hook-Blues Traveler) (50)
In 1973 Guitarist, Mark Lee (Third Day) (46)
In 1973 Playmate, Tiffany M. Sloan (October-1992) (46)
In 1974 Actor, Steve Cardenas (Rocky-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) (45)
In 1975 Singer, Melanie Janine 'Scary' Brown (Spice Girls) (44)
In 1977 Actor, Danny Gerard (Alan Silver-Brooklyn Bridge) (42)
In 1979 Actor, Richard Lee Jackson (Ryan-Saved By The Bell) (40)
In 1981 Actress, Katherine Ellis (Taylor-Days of Our Lives) (38)
In 1984 Basketball player, Carmelo Anthony (Knicks, Thunder) (35)
In 1984 Wrestler, Nia Jax (WWE) (35)
In 1989 Actress, Riley Keough (The Runaways, Mad Max: Fury Road) (30)
In 1989 Actor, Brandon Mychal Smith (Sonny with a Chance, So Random) (30)
In 1991 Actress, Kristen Alderson (Starr-One Life to Live) (28)
In 1992 Actor, Gregg Sulkin (Sixty Six, Faking It) (27)
In 1993 Actress, Maika Monroe (It Follows, Independence Day 2) (26)
In 1996 Basketball player, Stanley Johnson (Pistons) (23)
In 1998 Basketball player, Markelle Fultz (76ers) (21)
In 2002 Actor, Aidan Miner (School of Rock) (17)


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