• 12% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 admit to using their phone while in the shower.
  • According to an Internet survey, 71% of married men say they never let their wife near the BBQ grill.
  • 32% of bridesmaids would never tell the bride they used coupons when purchasing a wedding gift for her and the groom.
  • 30% of men say the most attractive trait a woman can have is a good sense of humor.
  • Eight million electronic devices, including cell phones, are destroyed by pets (mostly dogs) every year.
  • On average, Americans are expected to consume over 20 pounds of ice cream this summer. 100 years ago, we only consumed about 2 pounds each.
  • Using ten drinking glasses a day instead of one is said to be the number four most annoying habit of men.
  • Disney World buys more of this than any other company in North America? Fireworks.


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