• If you like rock music and watch "Seinfeld," you're less likely to make your bed in the morning.
  • Three out of ten people in a recent USA Today survey, admit they run a red light at least once a week.
  • 56% of us say we miss our co-workers when we go on vacation.
  • Traffic, sleep schedules and weather conditions are the top three causes for late arrivals to the office according to workers.
  • Most of us consider an alarm clock essential, but 12% of us don't have one.
  • When it comes to eating, less than one out of five people eat at the kitchen or dining room table just once a week.
  • According to multiple studies, women would rather be caught dead than being caught pooping at work.
  • Over two-thirds of people have a favorite coffee cup or mug.
  • A study says doing this at work help relieve stress. What is it? Swearing.


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