• After a successful test in Mexico City, Burger King is going to start delivering food to drivers caught in traffic in Los Angeles in what they have dubbed The Traffic Jam Whopper. Orders are made with their app and you have to be roughly a 1.9-mile radius from the closest Burger King restaurant.
  • Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg (We just wanted to make you pronounce it) was actually the 287th person to sign up for Facebook.
  • In Connecticut, a radio station just flipped to "Trump 103.3," an ultra-conservative format.
  • Chris Rock is going to star in a "Saw" reboot.
  • Twitter and Facebook have joined a global pledge to fight hate speech online.
  • Televangelist Pat Robertson is criticizing Alabama's new anti-abortion measure as "extreme" saying "I think Alabama has gone too far."
  • Southern California-based Klatch Coffee Roasters has been selling a $75 cup of coffee, and all sold out. How do you get a $75 cup of coffee? You brew it from Panama coffee beans that cost $803 a pound.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker is denying reports she was in a screaming match with husband, Matthew Broderick, allegedly caught on video.
  • 343,000 people have signed an online petition, requesting that HBO re-do the 8th and final season of "Game of Thrones." They want a new writing staff to do a better job.
  • Taco Bell is taking over a Palm Springs, California, hotel and turning it into a Taco Bell Hotel and Resort, for their super-fans. Reservations will be accepted starting next month, rooms will be available starting in August.
  • Burger King's parent company has set the goal of 40,000 stores within the next 10 years-that's more than McDonald's has now.
  • Watch those "Friends" reruns on Netflix while you can. AT&T owns the licensing rites to that show, as well as "the Office" and "E.R." among others, and are planning to launch their own channel later this year. So, they'll be disappearing from Netflix.
  • Snooki, JWoww and Ronnie visited Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino in prison.
  • Philadelphia Phillies fans know all too well that Bryce Harper is experiencing a huge slump after signing that $330 million contract. Lately, he's been batting .147 with two home runs.
  • 40% of U.S. broadband households own a connected health device.
  • The U.S. birthrate is at its lowest since the 1980s.
  • Want to Tweet for the Queen of England? The Royal Family is looking for a new Digital Communications Officer, a job that includes creating content for the royal family's social media platforms in addition to managing their website and writing articles. The salary? $38,000 a year. The right candidate will also receive free lunch, 33 days off per year and a 15 percent employer contribution pension program.


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