• Legendary Hollywood figure Doris Day died yesterday at age 97.
  • Peggy Lipton lost her battle with cancer over the weekend. She was 72. You could have known her from "The Mod Squad," "Twin Peaks" or for a time and the wife of "Quincy Jones."
  • Lil Wayne refused to go on stage and perform at a Miami hip hop festival over the weekend after police insisting on "checking" him first.
  • Yes, Aaron Rogers did make a brief cameo on "Game of Thrones" Sunday night.
  • Alaska has its own version of the Loch Ness monster. The creature people say they see in Iliamna Lake is dark, longer than 15 feet, with a long head and tail and distinct fins. The Anchorage Daily News is offering a $100,000 reward for proof of its existence.
  • A new study says that social media plays a big part in Americans overspending. You see your friends and all the cool things they buy and do, and you want to keep up.
  • They're saying that 15-year-old Emoni Bates is such a good basketball player, that he might go straight from high school to the NBA when he graduates in 2022.
  • A nurse from London set a new world record for the fastest time completing the London Marathon while wearing a nurse's uniform, but officials say it doesn't count. Officials from Guinness World Records told her that in order to qualify for the record she was required to wear a more traditional nurse's uniform. The uniform consists of a blue or white dress, an apron, and a traditional cap. She was in scrubs.
  • A Southern California yoga studio accused former NBA star Dennis Rodman and several others of stealing more than $3,500 in merchandise, including a 400-pound amethyst crystal.
  • Blac Chyna is in trouble. She apparently had a run-in with a hairstylist that involved a knife being pulled and cans of soda being thrown at a car. Police are investigating.
  • Kim and Kanye welcomed a fourth child to their family over the weekend, by surrogate.
  • Kamakura, Japan has enacted a "no eating while walking" ordinance.
  • FOX is canceling the show "Star" after three seasons.
  • Pete Buttigieg says he had to look up Donald Trump's reference of Alfred E. Neuman.
  • A study says if moms were paid, they would make $70,000 a year.
  • Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday by welcoming their fifth child into the world.
  • Rhea Pearlman says she and husband Danny Devito just live separate lives. They separated two years ago, but have no plans to divorce.
  • Higher elevations in New Hampshire, Vermont and much of northern Maine could actually see some snow today.
  • In Australia, a family was walking their dog when he started playing what they thought was a rock -- it turned out to be a gold nugget with an estimated value of $35,000. The dog's name: Lucky.
  • 62-year-old Dale Cohen hit the first two holes-in-one of his life -- on the same day, in the same round, with the same 8-iron club -- at Sycamore Springs Golf Course in northern Ohio.


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