• According to Woman's Day and AOL, 32% of women eat something they later regret almost every day.
  • Most people have at least three phone chargers and don't realize how important they are until they don't have one.
  • 30% of women think that putting on makeup is the most important thing they do all day.
  • 60% of men say they get turned off when they see a woman take a selfie.
  • A survey found that 74% of people prefer to read a book the old-fashioned way.
  • 73% of people said they experience a sunburn at least once a year, sometimes, several times a year.
  • According to Shape magazine, 14 million people are or have been in a long-distance relationship.
  • 31% of moms say they stress out about this, almost every day. What is it? Their weight.


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