• Mark Cuban says none of the Democrats running can beat President Trump and so he's considering a run as an Independent.
  • A Claude Monet painting from his Haystack series sold for $110.7 million at an auction in New York Tuesday night.
  • NASA has named its upcoming moon mission Artemis -- after the Greek goddess of the Moon, according to Ars Technica. NASA announced the name along with an ask for an additional $1.6 billion in funding on top of the $21 billion already allocated for a crewed mission to the Moon.
  • Malaysian police are investigating the case of a teenager believed to have jumped to her death after asking her social media followers to vote on whether she should kill herself.
  • Disney now owns Hulu, in case you didn't know.
  • Southwest Airlines kicked a passenger off a flight for making a joke about water being passed out, saying "I hope that's vodka."
  • Wal-Mart is going to join the next-day-free-delivery bandwagon.
  • Anthony Weiner has been released from a halfway house in the Bronx.
  • A report says costly face tattoo removals are on the rise as regret sets in.
  • Former President Jimmy Carter is recovering from surgery after falling and breaking his hip at his home in Georgia. He was getting ready to go out turkey hunting.
  • A new study says music can relieve stress and increase productivity.
  • Former Major League pitcher Benjamin Hendrickson has pleaded guilty to stealing $145,000 as an accountant.
  • A Maryland businessman has pleaded guilty to stealing $1.5 million in wine.
  • The fifth season of "Black Mirror" hits Netflix on June 5.
  • Paris Hilton calls Lindsay Lohan "lame" and "embarrassing."
  • In Brooklyn, a billboard worker fell off a roof and ended up in the hospital while he was working on hanging a new billboard for a personal injury law firm.


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