When you're looking for a job, you obviously want your resume to work for you, not against you. One of the ways you can turn all your hard work into a fiasco is to give your prospective employer too much personal information. A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for CareerBuilder.com asked hiring managers to share the most unusual resumes they've seen.

  • Candidate mentioned in his resume that he spent summers on his family's yacht in Grand Cayman.
  • Candidate attached a letter from his mother.
  • Candidate used pale blue paper with teddy bears around the border.
  • Candidate explained a gap in employment by saying he was getting over the death of his cat for three months.
  • Candidate specified that his availability was limited because Friday, Saturday and Sunday were "drinking time."
  • Candidate included a picture of herself in a cheerleading uniform.
  • Candidate drew a picture of a car on the outside of the envelope and said it was the hiring manager's gift.
  • Candidate included the fact that her sister once won a strawberry-eating contest.
  • Candidate explained that they worked well in the nude.
  • Candidate explained an arrest by stating, "We stole a pig, but it was a really small pig."
  • Candidate included a family medical history.


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