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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Born On This Day...

In 1002 Religious leader, Pope Leo IX (1049-54)

In 1732 Martha Washington, wife of President George Washington

In 1774 Daniel D. Tompkins, 6th U.S. vice president (1817-25)

In 1850 Artist, Daniel Beard (organized first Boy Scouts of America troop)

In 1859 Black artist, Henry Ossawa Tanner

In 1863 German astronomer, Max Wolf (discovered 228 asteroids)

In 1891 German conductor, Hermann Scherchen

In 1892 American theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr

In 1903 Cartoonist, Al Hirschfeld (NY Times caricaturist) [d: 1-20-03]

In 1905 French philosopher, Jean Paul Sarte (existentialism) [d: 4-15-80]

In 1907 Attorney, William Shea (Shea Stadium named for him) [d: 10-30-91]

In 1913 Screenwriter, Irving Shulman (Rebel Without A Cause) [d: 3-23-95]

In 1918 Baseball player, Eddie Lopat (Yankees) [d: 6-15-92]

In 1921 Actress, Jean Kent (Adventures of Sir Francis Drake) [d: 11-30-13]

In 1921 Actress, Jane Russell (The Outlaw) [d: 2-28-11]

In 1922 Actress, Judy Holliday (Born Yesterday, Adam's Rib) [d: 6-7-65]

In 1925 Actress, Maureen Stapleton (Plaza Suite, Airport, Cocoon) [d: 3-13-06]

In 1930 Football Hall-of-Famer, Mike McCormack (Browns) [d: 11-15-13]

In 1931 Former NBC News president, Lawrence K. Grossman [d: 3-23-18]

In 1931 Secretary of Health & Human Svcs, Margaret Heckler (1983-85) (87)

In 1932 Pianist/composer, Lalo Schifrin (Mission Impossible, Jaws) (86)

In 1933 Actor, Bernie Kopell (Get Smart, That Girl, The Love Boat) (85)

In 1935 Actor, Monte Markham (Dallas, Baywatch, Melrose Place) (83)

In 1936 Singer, O.C. Smith (Little Green Apples) [d: 11-23-01]

In 1938 Actor, Ron Ely (Tarzan, Miss America Host 1980-81) (80)

In 1940 Actress, Mariette Hartley (Peyton Place, Home) (78)

In 1941 Writer/actor, Joe Flaherty (SCTV, Blue Monday) (77)

In 1943 Pianist/composer, Deodato (Also Sprach Zarathustra) (75)

In 1944 Singer/songwriter, Ray Davies (The Kinks) (74)

In 1944 Actress, Corinna Tsopel (Man Called Horse) (74)

In 1947 Actress, Meredith Baxter (Family, Elyse Keaton-Family Ties) (71)

In 1947 Actor, Michael Gross (Steven Keaton-Family Ties, FBI Murders) (71)

In 1947 Guitarist/singer, Joey Molland (Badfinger) (71)

In 1950 Drummer, Joey Kramer (Aerosmith) (68)

In 1951 Singer/songwriter, Nils Lofgren (67)

In 1953 Pakistani politcal leader, Benazir Bhutto [d: 12-27-07]

In 1953 Actress, Robyn Douglass (Lonely Guy, Houston Knights) (65)

In 1954 Actor, Robert Pastorelli (Eldin-Murphy Brown) [d: 3-9-04]

In 1955 Actor, Leigh J. McCloskey (Dallas, Damian-General Hospital) (63)

In 1956 Baseball player, Rick Sutcliffe (Dodgers, Cubs) (62)

In 1957 Cartoonist, Berkeley Breathed (Bloom County, Outland) (61)

In 1957 Drummer, Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) (61)

In 1959 Basketball player, Tom Chambers (SuperSonics, Suns) (59)

In 1959 Country singer, Kathy Mattea (59)

In 1961 Singer, Kip Winger (Miles Away, Seventeen-Winger) (57)

In 1962 Actor, Marc Copage (Corey Baker-Julia) (56)

In 1964 Actress, Sammi Davis-Voss (Caroline-Homefront) (54)

In 1964 Playmate, Kari Kennell (February-1988) (54)

In 1964 Guitarist/songwriter, Porter Howell (Little Texas) (54)

In 1964 Actor, David Morrissey (The Walking Dead) (54)

In 1964 Actor, Doug Savant (Melrose Place, Desperate Houswives) (54)

In 1965 Actor, Michael Dolan (Necessary Roughness, Lolita) (53)

In 1966 Actress, Nan Woods (Cherry White-China Beach) (52)

In 1967 Comedian/actor, Jim Breuer (Saturday Night Live) (51)

In 1967 Basketball player, Derrick Coleman (Dream Team II) (51)

In 1968 Actor, Brandon Douglas (Class of '96, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) (50)

In 1972 Country singer, Allison Moorer (46)

In 1973 Actress, Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear, Kalifornia, Other Sister) (45)

In 1976 Guitarist, Mike Einziger (Incubus) (42)

In 1978 Actress, Erica Durance (Smallville) (40)

In 1979 Actor, Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) (39)

In 1981 Singer, Brandon Flowers (The Killers) (37)

In 1982 Britain's Prince William of Wales (son of Prince Charles) (36)

In 1983 Actor, Michael Malarkey (The Vampire Diaries) (35)

In 1983 Actor, Jussie Smollett (The Mighty Ducks, Empire) (35)

In 1983 Former CIA employee, Edward Snowden (35)

In 1985 Dancer, Sharna Burgess (Dancing with the Stars) (33)

In 1985 Singer, Kris Allen (American Idol-Season 8 winner) (33)

In 1985 Singer, Lana Del Rey ("Video Games") (33)

In 1992 Actor, Max Schneider (How to Rock) (26)

In 1997 Singer, Rebecca Black ("Friday," "Sing It," "In Your Words") (21)

In 1999 Singer, Kylee Renee ("Mannequin," "Bad News," "Habit of Mine") (19)

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