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Friday, June 22, 2018


Men's Health writer James Nosek wanted to enjoy the game like a league vet. To learn how, he rolled a few with "Kurt's Angles" in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. Here's what he found out:

Tip generously
First, get on your server's good side. Always tip five bucks on the first beer and at least a buck on the ones that follow. You'll ensure prompt service and maybe a few free ones by the end of the night.

Pick the right roller
Lighter balls are better for creating spin, but you'll have more fun blasting pins with a heavier ball. Start with a trusty 14-pounder and then work up in 1-pound increments to find your best fit.

Start a side pool
Before beginning a game, everyone tosses in a buck. If someone gets a spare or strike, have him or her select a card from a deck. Whoever can form the best five-card poker hand at the end wins the pot.

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