• Queen Elizabeth had to miss an event the other day because she was "under the weather," which has the rumor tongues wagging. 
  • The Detroit Tigers have fired pitching coach Chris Bosio for making insensitive remarks to a team employee. 
  • A study says the perfect women's body for women is athletic, while men prefer curvy. 
  • So far, 132 candidates have been killed during Mexico's campaign season. 
  • A Houston business owner was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly hired a hitman to kill a police officer who gave him too many nuisance tickets. 
  • A Trump-Putin summit is set. We know it will be sometime in July, tacked on to his schedule European visit, July 10-14 and most likely, in Helsinki, Finland. 
  • Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was fined $2.75 million to support organizations addressing race and gender-based issues and fund league-wide workplace training as a result of NFL's investigation into workplace misconduct accusations made against him. 
  • The Florida Department of Health is warning beach goers about an outbreak of sea lice in the water. Who knew? 
  • SpaceX is sending an AI robot ‘crew member' to join the astronauts on the space station. 
  • The 16-year-old son of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis is not doing well and battling "serious health problems." That's as much as we know. 
  • The Red Hen Restaurant in California is losing business because people mistakenly think it's connected to the one in Virginia that kicked out Sarah Huckabee Sanders last week. It isn't. 
  • The brother of New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins has been arrested after a family friend was found dead at the NFL player's New Jersey home. 
  • If you ever see a painting signed by "Clifford", that could be Clifford the Horse, who has learned how to paint, from Michigan. 
  • The creepy, plastic-faced Burger King has spoken in a TV commercial for the first time. His only word: "Wazzzup!" 
  • Kendal Jenner is living with Ben Simmons in a $25,000 a month rental home in Los Angeles. 
  • Stage, film and TV actor Stanley Anderson, known for his role as the judge in the final episode of "Seinfeld" and as General Slocum in "Spider-Man," has died of brain cancer. He was 78. 
  • The Anguilla Beach House where LeBron James is relaxing these days costs $75,000 a week to stay there. 
  • China has put a cap on how much their film stars can make, saying that large salaries can result in "money worship." 
  • Bud Light is offering free beer to soccer fans if Mexico can beat its "curse of the fifth game" in the World Cup. In a tweet, the beer company announced that if Mexico beats Brazil and advances to the quarterfinals that it will help pay for customers' beer. 
  • Then there's the woman in Florida who drove almost 20 miles with her ex hanging on to the hood of her car.


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