Ashlee Simpson turns 34 today. She's been around so long, it seems like she should be older.
She's the smarter of the Simpson sisters, which really isn't saying much.
Friends will gather around and lip sync "Happy Birthday to You."
She's the sister that went to school... unfortunately, on a Saturday.

India.Arie still spells her name that way and turns 43 today.

Neve Campbell turns 45 today. She was on that show "Party of Five" until it was canceled, when the name of the show was the number of people watching.

Gwen Stefani turns 49 today, no doubt. Yep, 49 and she's still got "The Voice."

Tommy Lee turns 56. He was married to both Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson. He's pretty much caught whatever's available.

Golfer Fred Couples hits 59 today. That's with a 10 handicap.

Jack Wagner used to be on "General Hospital." He used to be a singer. He used to be on "Melrose Place." He used to be 58. Today, he's 59.

Lindsay Buckingham turns 69 today. He was not invited to tour with the band on their current one, so we can call him an ex.

Chubby Checker turns 77 today -- "C'mon baby! Let's do The Twist!" There's one guy who will never get a Weight Watchers deal. Even if you lost the weight, you're still Chubby! Checker's classic tune "The Twist" was named the most popular hit single of the last 50 years. The song had the distinction of being #1 in both 1960 and 1962.


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