Dakota Johnson turns 29 today. I heard she's planning to spend her birthday ordering blinds for her new home. It's a big home. All in all, I think she's ordering 50 shades. Yes, she already has two "50 Shades of Grey" movies to her credit. Although, we saw more of North Dakota than we did South Dakota.

Melissa Benoist, better known these days as "Supergirl," hits the big 3-0 today... on this planet.

Alicia Silverstone turns 42 which is 126 in actress years. She was in "Clueless" and eventually, played Batgirl in a Batman movie. Like the Kardasians, her early success was due to being "Clueless."

Liev Schreiber ("Ray Donovan") turns 51 today. He's a good bad guy. Or is it a bad good guy? I don't remember.

Susan Sarandon turns 72 today. Amazing to look back at her in "Rocky Horror." So long ago. She was also half of the team of Thelma and Louise. If you never heard about them, all you need to know is never carpool with them.

Author Anne Rice turns 77 today. She wrote "Interview with a Vampire" and let us know what it was like to be a vampire and how they chose their victims. It was usually because they were a certain type... type O I believe.


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