Christina Milian Gives Birth, Welcomes First Child With Boyfriend Matt Pokora. Christina Milian is a mom again! On Monday, the actress welcomed her first child with boyfriend, Matt Pokora. The 38-year-old star shared the exciting and special news about her newborn, a baby boy named Isaiah. This marks the couple's first son. Christina is also mom to daughter Violet Madison, 9, whom she shares with her ex, The-Dream. "And so we begin," she shared on Instagram, alongside a sweet photo of her little nugget. "Isaiah 1/20/20 Simply perfect. The world is yours Son. Love, Mom & Dad." Back in August, Christina and Matt announced that they were expecting a baby boy at their adorable gender reveal party. Joined by Violet, the expectant parts fired off a miniature cannon that released blue smoke, determining their little bundle of joy's gender. Thrilled with the news, the Love Don't Cost a Thing actress took to Instagram to share her baby's sex with her followers. "We're above and beyond Cloud 9!!" she captioned her snapshots from the gender reveal, which feature the trio surrounded by a cloud of blue smoke. Still reeling in the excitement from the general reveal, Christina opened up to E! News about the festivities. "We couldn't wait to find out what we were having and we're overjoyed with the news," she told E! News exclusively. "We're so happy to have shared our moment with close friends and family." The "Dip It Low" singer revealed that she was pregnant in late July via Instagram. Sharing a picture of herself and Matt, Christina wrote, "New release 2020! What a blessing! Let's do this babe." Since then, she's been documenting her growing bump with a series of adorable photos, including one where Matt can be seen cradling her belly while lounging in bed. "You're just too good to be true," she wrote. "Can't take my eyes off of you, You feel like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much." She also posted a sweet shot of Violet caressing her growing bump after their Thanksgiving celebrations. Reflecting on her pregnancy and family, she wrote, "Feeling loved and especially grateful for the future, the past & present. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. #bunintheoven." Congrats to the couple on the new addition to their family! (Eonline)

DJ Khaled's Wife Nicole Tuck Gives Birth to Baby No. 2. Another one. DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck are parents of two! The musician announced on his Instagram early Tuesday morning that his wife has given birth to their second child, a baby boy. Sharing a photo of himself give a high five to Tuck's doctor, Khaled wrote in his caption, "THANK YOU ALLAH ! THANK YOU MY QUEEN NICOLE !BLESS UP DR JIN ! ANOTHER ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The birth announcement did not reveal the name of the little one. And unlike the birth of the couple's first child, Asahd Khaled, 3, this baby's birth was not live-streamed on Snapchat. Khaled did share photos on Instagram while Tuck was in labor, but Tuck was not seen in the photos. In the first shot, Khaled is standing with Tuck's doctor. "DR JIN said you ready," he wrote. His other two photos show the music producer waiting in the delivery room and were captioned with the open hands emoji. The DJ announced he and his wife were expecting their second son on Instagram in September. The 44-year-old star shared a video of Tuck, also 44, getting an ultrasound. Asahd is also seen in the video giving his parents kisses. "God is the greatest," Khaled captioned a video. "All I ever wanted to do was inspire the world to be great and to leave a legacy. Almost 3 years ago when I found out my queen was expecting our son Asahd I knew my life would change forever and that OUR legacy would soon be on the way. After that blessing I released some of my biggest albums to date (Grateful and Father Of Asahd) inspired by his greatness." "Just when I thought life couldn't get any better, I received another blessing that my queen is expecting an addition to our legacy," he continued. "I'm feeling more inspired than ever now. As we go into this journey I'm taking FANLUV along with me to keep the love and blessings flowing to the world ! #FAMILY." Finally, he concluded his caption by saying, "God is the greatest. MAMA ASAHD ,ASAHD WE GOT ANOTHER ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALLAH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!! MY QUEEN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! ASAHD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! And to the little boy in my QUEEN'S BELLY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! #WETHEBEST!" Congratulations to the family of four! (Eonline)

Pamela Anderson is a married woman -- for the fifth time -- with another recently rekindled old flame ... Hollywood hotshot Jon Peters. The actress and the producer of "A Star is Born" -- the 1976 and 2018 versions -- and "Flashdance" ... got married Monday in a private ceremony in Malibu. As for why the surprise, quickie wedding? Jon says, "There are beautiful girls everywhere. I could have my pick, but -- for 35 years -- I've only wanted Pamela. She makes me wild -- in a good way." The couple dated more than 30 years ago, but their relationship came full circle in recent months. We're told they've remained flirty forever, and reconnected after she broke things off last year with French soccer star Adil Rami. Jon told Hollywood Reporter, "Pamela has never seen her full potential as an artist. She has yet to shine in a real way. There is much more to her than meets the eye, or I wouldn't love her so much." The marriage marks the fifth for both Anderson and Peters. Pam's ex-husbands include Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon ... twice. Peters' exes include Lesley Ann Warren and Christine Forsyth-Peters, and he also dated Streisand for years. Pamela also has some words about her surprise marriage, in the form of a poem. She writes ... "Jon is the original 'bad boy' of Hollywood - no one compares. I love him deeply like family. His life used to scare me." She adds ... "We understand and respect each other - We love each other without conditions. I'm a lucky woman. Proof God has a plan" (TMZ)

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's love 'never died,' says body language expert. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt melted fans' hearts when they reunited at the 2020 SAG Awards, and photos of the pair fueled hope that the stars may one day get back together. Body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass analyzed Aniston and Pitt's interactions for Page Six, telling us it appears clear to her that their love "never died" because of the affection they demonstrated. "It's completely mutual and that's what's so beautiful about it," Glass said in a phone interview Tuesday. "They're completely connected." When Aniston, 50, and Pitt, 56, first saw each other backstage, Glass said, their eye contact was like "two magnets reaching towards each other." She added, "They were exactly in sync in one another's eyes, and that's huge." The former couple shared a hug and Aniston's hand can be seen lingering on her ex-husband's torso. Pitt can also be seen holding on to her hand. "She wanted to have that touch -- that communication with him, that physical touch towards him -- and he's touching her," Glass said in her analysis. "It was reciprocal." Glass, who has authored 18 books including "The Body Language Advantage," said the exes' dynamic shows they could be open to the idea of rekindling a romance because of their level of comfort. "There was a lot of familiarity," she said. "They were not awkward with one another. They were very connected with one another. It wasn't a situation where she looked away or pulled away." Aniston and Pitt did attend the same SAG Awards afterparty, but there were no reports of any hooking up or schmoozing at the event. But another moment that captured Pitt's affection toward his ex was when the "Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood" star watched Aniston accept the award for Best Female Actor in a Drama Series for "The Morning Show." "You could tell he was proud of her," Glass said, pointing out that she saw Pitt swallowed, which could signify that he was "excited," since that is a typical reaction of the autonomic nervous system, she explained. Glass said she has compared photos of when Aniston was married to her most recent ex, Justin Theroux, and when Pitt was married to Angelina Jolie, and she doesn't think the actors appeared as happy as they do now. "When you looked at Brad for the past 10 years, you've never seen a happy Brad," Glass said, opining that Pitt often looked "sloppy, disheveled, unhappy and tense" when he was with Jolie. "Jennifer's the same way," she added. "Even though she was married, you never saw her really come alive. This is the first time you see the both of them come alive in 10 years." Aniston and Pitt were married from 2000 to 2005, but remained friendly afterward despite rumors that Pitt cheated on Aniston with Jolie, 44, while filming "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Pitt attended Aniston's 50th birthday party last year. Jolie and Pitt began dating in 2005 and got married in 2014. Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016, and they share six children. (PageSix)

Taylor Swift Reveals Mom Andrea Swift Has Been Diagnosed With a Brain Tumor. More than ever, Taylor Swift hopes her "Soon You'll Get Better" lyrics come true. In an emotional interview with Variety, the superstar revealed that while her mom Andrea Swift was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, doctors made another devastating diagnosis. "While she was going through treatment, they found a brain tumor," Taylor told the outlet. "And the symptoms of what a person goes through when they have a brain tumor is nothing like what we've ever been through with her cancer before. So, it's just been a really hard time for us as a family." Andrea's health is one of the main reasons why Taylor decided to limit her upcoming Lover tour, choosing to make just four stops in the U.S. before participating in Europe's festival circuit later this summer. "I mean, we don't know what is going to happen," the Grammy winner explained. "We don't know what treatment we're going to choose. It just was the decision to make at the time, for right now, for what's going on." After all, the 62-year-old is more than just a mom to Taylor. She's her best friend, her everything. "Everyone loves their mom, everyone's got an important mom," Taylor told Variety. "But for me, she's really the guiding force. Almost every decision I make, I talk to her about it first. So obviously it was a really big deal to every speak about her illness." Back in 2015, Taylor took to Tumblr to share the heartbreaking news about Andrea's health. Andrea was battling cancer. "For Christmas this year, I asked my mom that one of her gifts to me be her going to the doctor to get screened for any health issues, just to ease some worries of mine," the 30-year-old wrote. "She agreed, and went in to get checked. There were no red flags and she felt perfectly fine, but she did it just to get me and my brother off her case about it. The results came in, and I'm saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer." "I'd like to keep the details of her condition and treatment plans private, but she wanted you to know," Taylor continued. "She wanted you to know because your parents may be too busy juggling everything they've got going on to go to the doctor, and maybe you reminding them to go get checked for cancer could possibly lead to an early diagnosis and an easier battle...Or peace of mind in knowing that they're healthy and there's nothing to worry about. She wanted you to know why she may not be at as many shows this tour. She's got an important battle to fight." And though she successfully completed treatment, Taylor revealed in March 2019 that, unfortunately, Andrea had relapsed. "My mom is now fighting her battle with it again," she wrote in her "30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30" essay. "It's taught me that there are real problems and then there's everything else. My mom's cancer is a real problem. I used to be so anxious about daily ups and downs. I give all of my worry, stress, and prayers to real problems now." (Eonline)

Ozzy Osbourne Reveals He Has Parkinson's Disease, Says 'I Need' My Fans to 'Hang on'. Ozzy Osbourne explained he was diagnosed with Parkinson's last February after experiencing a fall and needing neck surgery. Ozzy Osbourne and his family are opening up about his ongoing health battle. On Tuesday, the musician, his wife Sharon Osbourne and his children Jack Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne, sat down with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America to discuss the icon's harrowing year. "It's been terribly challenging for us all," Ozzy, 71, explained of the past 12 months, during which he was diagnosed with pneumonia and suffered a fall in his Los Angeles home. "I did my last show New Year's Eve at The Forum. Then I had a bad fall. I had to have surgery on my neck, which screwed all my nerves," he said. Ozzy revealed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, a nervous system disorder that affects movement, according to the Mayo Clinic. "It's PRKN2," Sharon, 67, further explained, adding that his disease is "not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination." "It's like you have a good day, a good day, and then a really bad day," she continued. The "Crazy Train" artist admitted that he knew it was time to tell the world what he had been dealing with. "I'm no good with secrets," he said. "I cannot walk around with it anymore 'cause it's like I'm running out of excuses, you know?" The singer -- who postponed the back-end of his 2019 tour in April -- is now taking Parkinson's medication and nerve pills, he told the outlet. "Coming from a working-class background, I hate to let people down. I hate to not do my job," Ozzy added. "And so, when I see my wife goin' to work, my kids goin' to work, everybody's doing -- tryin' to be helpful to me, that gets me down because I can't contribute to my family, you know." Ozzy's family, however, has been nothing but supportive -- even helping him to get back into the studio. "We have all played a role," Kelly, 35, said. "But the only thing I know is what can I do to make him smile? I know going to the studio makes him happy. That's what I did. Everything else was him." Jack, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012, would "try to slip in information" to his father as he could relate to his difficult situation. "I understand when you have something you don't want to have," he shared in the interview. Sharon revealed that Ozzy's next step is heading to "a professional in Switzerland" in April who specializes in "getting your immune system at its peak." She added, "We've kind of reached a point here in this country where we can't go any further because we've got all the answers we can get here." The artist, however, is eager to get back to the music scene and return to his doting fans. "They're my air, you know," he said. "I feel better. I've owned up to the fact that I have -- a case of Parkinson's. And I just hope they hang on and they're there for me because I need them." Despite Ozzy's struggles, Sharon isn't too hung up about her husband's future. "He's gonna get back out there," she asserted. "And he's gonna do what he loves to do; I know it." (People)


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