(Woman's Day) Your wallet will thank you for bringing these budget and planet friendly solutions into your home:

Let the light in
Bring in the sunshine with windows and well-placed mirrors so you can rely less on electricity. Plug lamps into a power strip and switch it off to save about $100 a year. You save on your electric bill.

Simple savers
Swap incandescent lightbulbs for LEDs that may last up to 40 times as long. Replacing five of your most used bulbs with Energy Star-certified ones can save $70 a year in energy costs.

Bye-bye, bare floors
Rugs don't just pull together the look of a room; they also hold in heat. Lay them down with rug pads for extra insulation in every room. You save on your heating and cooling.

Buy local on a budget
Lower your carbon footprint with a farmer's market date. Stop by later in the day when vendors are more likely to lower prices on their leftovers, or ask for a discount on ugly or misshapen produce that's still perfectly edible. You save on your grocery bill.

Green tip
Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible. A typical household that switches from hot water to cold water laundry cycles could save an estimated 1,600 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions a year.


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