"Harry and Meghan Going to Compete in The Amazing Race!"
Trash! The only race they'll be competing in is running out of money.

"Alaska Now Requiring People Register Their Wood Stoves!"
Truth! Steven Hoke with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation says, "If we can figure out how many are out there, and where they're at, we can start to work towards having cleaner air, cleaning up, and working towards the EPA standard."

"Madame Tussauds Removes Harry and Meghan from Famous Wax Museum!"
Truth! They used to stand across from Prince William and Kate Middleton, and behind the figures of the queen and Prince Philip.

"New Accessory for People Driving with Chains on Their Car-Auto Earrings!"
Trash! The idea never got traction.

"Milwaukee Man Shoots Kids for Throwing Snowballs!"
Truth! "Both victims were with a group of juveniles throwing snowballs at cars passing by," police said in a tweet. "One of the snowballs struck a white Toyota, no further description, and the driver of the auto fired shots into the group of kids striking the two victims."

"Fired Houston Astros Manager Running For Office!"
Trash! No way. He'd constantly be accused of stealing his opponent's signs.

"Chelsea Clinton Made $9 Million for Being on a Board of Directors!"
Truth! The former First Daughter receives an annual retainer of $50,000 as a board member for the investment firm IAC/InterActiveCorp. Clinton, but it's the stock units she receives on top of the retainer that have led to the huge windfall. Clinton reported to the SEC last month that she now owns 8.95 million worth of the company's stock.

"Coffee-mate Coming Out With Creamer for Rich People!"
Trash! Although, the name Beemer-Creamer is catchy.


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