• Drummer Neil Peart, who helped propelled the band Rush to global stardom, has died of brain cancer. He was 67.
  • Vermont is looking at banning cellphone use by anyone under 21. Seriously.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers coach John Beilein apologized to his players last week, saying he regretted referring to them in an interview as "a bunch of thugs."
  • Hollywood made 532 TV shows in 2019 and plans to make even more this year.
  • A British woman was sentenced to six months in prison for asking male passengers on a flight to join the Mile High Club.
  • A study says drinking tea three times a week is linked to a longer and healthier life.
  • Eddie Murphy is said to have been sneaking into comedy clubs to test out new material for a new Netflix special later this year.
  • There have been 950 earthquakes or mini-earthquakes in Puerto Rico since New Year's Day.
  • Someone hacked into an electronic road sign in Kentucky last night, and changed the warning message to drivers to "Send nudes."
  • Tomorrow night is the next Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate, at Drake University in Des Moines.
  • HP has once again shot down an offer for a takeover by Xerox.
  • Joe Biden says he supports a national ban on plastic bags.
  • Ohio is considering making Browns and Bengals fans eligible for medicinal marijuana.
  • David Lee Roth has kicked off his 2020 Las Vegas residency.

The latest rumor has Harry and Meghan planning to set up a home in Los Angeles. As for other news on Megzit:
  • Apparently, Harry and Meghan rushed their announcement because one of the tabloids was about to make the announcement for them.
  • The drama started just before Christmas, with Harry calling up his dad, Prince Charles, to propose an arrangement where he and his wife would let go of some of their duties, live abroad part-time and attempt to support themselves.
  • Charles reportedly asked for a written proposal before discussing the issue further - and Harry sent a draft while vacationing in Vancouver earlier this month.
  • Harry then asked for a summit with the Queen at her estate on the Norfolk coast.
  • She responded that while she would love to meet with him, she would not discuss his altering his royal role until he had talked about it in greater detail with his father.
  • Insiders say this is all about money and that Harry and Meghan feel they can make more than what they get from being royals in the outside world.


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