Born On This Day...

In 1773 English physicist, Thomas Young (wave theory of light)

In 1786 U.S. army general, Scott Winfield

In 1831 Physicist, James Clerk Maxwell (measured speed of light)

In 1854 Inventor, Sir Charles Algernon Parsons (steam turbine)

In 1865 Irish poet, William Butler Yeats

In 1870 Scientist, Jules Bordet (studied immunity)

In 1881 Actress/director, Lois Weber (first U.S. woman film director)

In 1892 Actor, Basil Rathbone (Sherlock Holmes)

In 1893 English novelist, Dorothy L. Sayers (Lord Peter Wimsey)

In 1894 Author, Mark van Doren (The Happy Critic)

In 1895 Businesman, Charles Wrightsman (Standard Oil)

In 1900 Actor, Ian Hunter (Adventures of Robin Hood) [d: 9-24-75]

In 1903 Football Hall-of-Famer, Harold "Red" Grange (Bears) [d: 1-28-91]

In 1905 Jazz trumpeter/singer, Doc Cheatham [d: 6-2-97]

In 1908 Portuguese-born painter, Maria Helena [d: 3-6-92]

In 1911 Scientist, Erwin Mueller (ion microscope to see atoms) [d: 5-17-77]

In 1912 Actress, Mary Wickes (Father Dowling, Sister Act) [d: 10-29-95]

In 1913 TV host, Ralph Edwards (This is Your Life) [d: 11-16-05]

In 1913 Illustrator, David Stone Martin [d: 3-6-92]

In 1915 Tennis player, Don Budge (first to win the Grand Slam) [d: 1-26-00]

In 1918 Actor, Ben Johnson (The Last Picture Show, Dillinger) [d: 4-8-96]

In 1919 Actor, Richard Collier (Blazing Saddles, Hello Dolly!) [d: 3-11-00]

In 1924 Actor, Percy Rodrigues (Dr. Harry Miles-Peyton Place) [d: 9-6-07]

In 1926 Geneticist, Jerome Lejeune (Down Syndrome chromosome) [d: 4-3-94]

In 1926 Actor, Paul Lynde (Uncle Arthur-Bewitched) [d: 1-10-82]

In 1927 Jazz guitarist/composer, Attila Zoller [d: 1-25-98]

In 1935 Artist, Christo Javacheff (big yellow umbrellas) (83)

In 1940 Singer/songwriter, Bobby Freeman (Do You Want to Dance) [d: 1-23-17]

In 1941 Actor, Tom Hallick (Brad-Young & Restless) (77)

In 1942 Gospel singer, James Carr [d: 1-7-01]

In 1944 Auto racer, Joe Amato (NHRA top fuel drag champion, 1991) (74)

In 1945 Astronaut, Ronald J. Grabe (STS-51J, 30, 42) (73)

In 1949 Singer/songwriter, Dennis Locorriere (Dr. Hook) (69)

In 1951 Keyboardist, Howard Leese (Spirit, Heart) (67)

In 1951 Singer/guitarist, Jorge Santana (Malo) (67)

In 1951 Actor, Richard Thomas (John Boy-The Waltons) (67)

In 1953 Actor/comedian, Tim Allen (Home Improvement, Galaxy Quest) (65)

In 1954 Singer/keyboardist, Bo Donaldson (Billy Don't Be A Hero) (64)

In 1954 U.S. table tennis player, Daniel Seemiller (Olympic-1992) (64)

In 1957 Drummer, Rolf Brendel (Nena) (61)

In 1962 Actor, Mark Frankel (Simon Bolt-Sisters) [d: 9-25-96]

In 1962 Actress, Ally Sheedy (War Games, The Breakfast Club) (56)

In 1962 Broadcast journalist/sportscaster, Hannah Storm (CNN, NBC) (56)

In 1963 Swiss tennis player, Bettina Bunge (55)

In 1963 Bassist, Paul Delisle (Smash Mouth) (55)

In 1964 U.S. basketball player, Jennifer Gillom (Olympic-Gold-1988) (54)

In 1964 Basketball player, Sarunas Marciulionis (54)

In 1965 Actress, Lesli Kay Sterling (Molly-As the World Turns) (53)

In 1965 Actress, Lisa Vidal (Sandy Lopez-ER, Sarah-Third Watch) (53)

In 1966 Actor, Thyme Lewis (Jonah Carver-Days of Our Lives) (52)

In 1968 Singer, David Gray (50)

In 1968 Singer, Denise Pearson (Five Star) (50)

In 1969 Singer, Soren Rasted (Aqua) (49)

In 1969 Actor/singer, James Walters (Alex-The Heights) (49)

In 1970 Singer/songwriter, Rivers Cuomo (Weezer) (48)

In 1970 U.S. gymnist, Lance Ringnald (Olympic-1992) (48)

In 1971 Actor, David Mendenhall (J.R. Dutton-Our House) (47)

In 1974 Actor, Steve-O (Jackass) (44)

In 1978 Actor, Ethan Embry (That Thing You Do, Frank Smith-Dragnet) (40)

In 1981 Actor, Chris Evans (Captain America, Fantastic Four) (37)

In 1983 Actor, Sarah Schaub (Dinah-Promised Land) (35)

In 1985 Singer, Raz B (B2K) (33)

In 1986 Actress, Ashley Olsen (Full House, It Takes Two) (32)

In 1986 Actress, Mary Kate Olsen (Full House, It Takes Two) (32)

In 1986 Actress, Kat Dennings (Raising Dad, Scream Team) (32)


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