It's not how fast he goes it's how he handles the wheel that really counts. Here's how male psychology expert Paul Dobransky, MD, decodes his wheel handling:

He reclines and has one hand on top at 12.
This guy is dominate. By leaning his seat back, he's taking up as much space as possible to claim his territory. And his steering style is his way of showing he's so in control, he can do it one handed.

He's sitting up straight with his hands at 10 and 2.
A dude who drives like this is practical. He keeps his hands firmly in this position because it's convenient to the horn, turn signal, and lights in case he should need, well, anything.

He's slouched in his seat with one hand on the wheel at 6.
This guy is rebellious. He has a bit of a spontaneous streak, and he always has one hand free to be ready to deal with the radio, grab a drink, or whatever in the moment craving he has.

He's crouched up to the wheel and gripping it at 11 and 1.
This type is insecure. He doesn't feel like he's in control, so he clings to the wheel with his hands. Pressing his forearms onto the wheel as he turns makes him feel more stable as he drives.


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