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Kate Upton is joining the ranks of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Hailey Baldwin after scoring the top spot on the coveted Maxim Hot 100. We got a sneak peak of Kate bustin' out on the July/August cover as America's No. 1 beauty. We're told the cover was shot in Israel's Negev Desert -- where temps can hit 118 degrees -- and Upton gave off some serious Marilyn Monroe vibes. Kate beat out Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, as well as Melania and Ivanka Trump. We smell a fake news tweet coming from 45. The Hot 100 issue drops June 19, and a huge party for it goes down July 21 at the Hollywood Palladium. Lagardre Sports & Entertainment and Rooftop2 Productions are producing it, and yes ... Kate and many other of the 100 hotties'll be there. You probably won't, so check out what you're missing ... (TMZ)

Kelly Ripa's Daughter Lola Looks All Grown Up at Prom. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelo's little girl is all grown up! The LIVE With Kelly and Ryan co-host posted on Instagram on Thursday a photo of daughter Lola Consuelos in a prom dress, posing with her date. She wore a spaghetti strap lavender dress with a thigh-high slit, strappy sandals and a white rose corsage. "Prom night 2018," Kelly wrote. Lola, who turns 17 next week, is Kelly and Mark's middle child and only daughter; they are also parents to sons Michael Consuelos, 21, and Joaquin, 15. The TV host had said on LIVE on Wednesday that she had attended her daughter's pre-prom party at school the night before. "They are now hosting events where you as parents are allowed to show up and take pictures, so that you have them, and then your daughter can forbid you from showing them on your talk show," Kelly said. "That's how it went for my son as well. It was unbelievable. I'm, like, 'I am not sure why you are robbing me of the privilege that all the other parents, like, all the other parents get to immediately post their photos on Instagram, why can't I?' And they're like, 'You know why.'" Kelly also said she and Mark set rules, including a curfew, for Lola to follow on prom night. "I want my daughter to negotiate my next contract," the TV host said. "She is a trained assassin. I had never seen a kid negotiate a contract this way, and then at a certain point she had us negotiating against ourselves. She is that good. She was truly remarkable in her getting extra time out of us, and then she did the baller move of all baller moves: She showed up a little early so we were like, 'She's so responsible!' Even though she had negotiated a full two hours past what time we had thought was appropriate. She came home 15 minutes early, and she's like, 'See? I'm home.'" Kelly also said Lola's date is "the loveliest kid," with "great parents." Kelly often talks about her kids on her show and the three have occasionally made cameos on LIVE, which Mark has guest co-hosted several times. In November, Lola made a surprise guest appearance on LIVE With Kelly and Ryan, joining her mother and co-host Ryan Seacrest for a Thanksgiving cooking segment. There, she joked about how her mother tells stories about her that aren't true, and also said she thinks Joaquin is her favorite child. "I don't have favorites," Kelly said. "I only have least favorites." "No, you have, one hundred percent, Michael would agree with me," the teen replied. "Well, Joaquin is the nicest to us," Kelly joked. The two have also bantered on social media. In January, Kelly posted on Instagram a photo of Mark in a scene from Riverdale. He plays Hiram Lodge on the series. Lola commented, "Stop posting Riverdale photos we get it." Imma block you in a minute," Kelly joked. (Eonline)

Mariah Carey's Son Buys a Dog Online -- and Once Spent $5,000 on Amazon. Mariah Carey may need to set some online parental controls. The singer appeared on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and told the story of how her 7-year-old son, Moroccan, ordered a dog online without her knowledge and once spent thousands of dollars on an Amazon shopping spree. "I have to control them with the iPads," she told host Jimmy Kimmel. Otherwise, literally, he charged $5,000 on something [on] Amazon." Carey explained her son is a "technological genius" and knows how to use all of the family's gadgets. However, it looks like his father Nick Cannon was on parental duty at the time of the puppy purchase. "Last night, apparently, he was with Nick and he ordered a dog," the Grammy winner explained. Carey won't be keeping her son's order, either. "The dog's been cancelled," she told Kimmel. "We have dogs. They have pets! They have fish. They have everything they need." In addition to their son, Carey and her ex share a 7-year-old daughter named Monroe. It looks like her kids are multi-talented, too. Carey also revealed she's working on new music and that her kids even recorded a song. (Eonline)

Tristan Thompson's Cavs ain't doin' so hot, going down 0-3 to the Warriors Wednesday night ... but his family?? That seems to be doing WAYYY better. Khloe Kardashian continued to show her support for her baby's daddy by showing up to Game 3 despite TT being a bum off the court ... and kinda one on it too. Remember, Khloe wasn't so sure about sticking by Tristan after the cheating scandal rocked her right as their baby was being born ... but, so far, she's been ride or die with him -- sportin' the CLE shirt and getting backstage access Wednesday night. Now ... if Thompson could just figure out his on-the-court game ... (TMZ)

No KFC for her. We hear Ivana Trump is taking up Michelle Obama's crusade -- ending obesity in America. We're told President Trump's first wife is hosting an event next week -- at the Plaza Hotel no less, which the former couple ran together when Trump owned it in the late Eighties -- to launch the initiative. She's working on the campaign with Gianluca Mech, inventor of the "Italiano Diet," which promises followers can "eat pasta, cookies, and lose weight." Press material for the occasion, released to Page Six, says, "A new diet and exercise plan will be announced before they begin their tour of the United States to encourage and teach millions of people to have better eating habits and exercise." But she can still splurge every once in a while: Page Six recently reported Ivana's a regular at a street meat cart on Madison Avenue, where she regularly orders hot dogs. Former first lady Obama launched the "Let's Move!" campaign and other initiatives during her time in the White House campaign to combat childhood obesity. (Page Six)

She's a jack of all trades! Mariska Hargitay got real about the difficulties she faces balancing work and family. The Law and Order: Special Victim Unit star, 54, spoke candidly about juggling her personal and professional life while speaking to Us Weekly and other reporters during a Paley Center panel in Beverly Hills on Monday, June 4. "It's hard. I'm not going to say it's easy, it's hard. I'm learning to [balance]. I try to be super present with where I am," Hargitay, who plays Olivia Benson on the hit series, explained. "When I'm at work, I'm at work. When I'm with my kids, I'm with my kids." The Emmy winner and her husband, Peter Hermann, share son August 11, daughter Amaya, 7, and son Andrew, 6. Hargitay couldn't help but praise her hunky hubby, 50, for his support as she balances motherhood and her career. "I have an incredible support system with my husband. He's an actor so he also understands," she gushed. "I try to keep it organic. The kids come to set all the time. I h've worked out my schedule a bit that I have a little more flexibility. I have a great time behind me." Even so, sometimes it can be great burden to bear. "There are days I go home and just cry. There have been days when I didn't see my kids. Those are the days I'm, like, 'Maybe I'm done,'" she recalled. "But now, this is a gift of doing something for 20 years. We're such a well-oiled machine. I go in there and I'm like, Guys, I've got a kid's thing. I'm out.' They're like, 'Got it, boom.'" (US Weekly)

Kim Kardashian West will come face-to-face with the woman she helped to free from prison ... TMZ has learned. Alice Marie Johnson had her life sentence commuted on Wednesday by President Trump after spending 22 years behind bars. Kim championed Alice's release with the help of her attorney, Shawn Holley ... communicating for months with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Sources close to the situation tell us Kim and her team are working to arrange a meeting with Alice that could happen as early as this week. Our sources say Kim will most likely travel to Alice -- not vice versa -- as the great-grandmother adjusts to life outside of prison. Moments after she got out, Alice told reporters she was thankful and felt as if her life was starting over again. As we reported, Kim visited the White House last week for a meeting with 45 about Alice's situation and prison reform in general. Kim says Alice is just the first of many unfairly sentenced people she hopes to help regain freedom. (TMZ)

Alice Marie Johnson wasted NO time catching up with her loved ones, moments after she was released from prison ... courtesy of President Trump and Kim Kardashian West. Alice was driven a short distance away from Alabama's Aliceville Correctional Facility and bolted into the arms of loved ones waiting for her on the roadside. As we reported ... the 63-year-old great-grandmother's case became national news after Kim tweeted about it. She was sentenced to life in prison for first time offenses of money laundering and drug conspiracy. Kim K made it her mission to set Alice free, and finally got to discuss it with POTUS last week. Kim got to break the good news to Alice ahead of Trump granting her clemency -- and Alice shared her gratitude with reporters. (TMZ)

TMZ Sports has obtained police body cam footage from Branden Albert's arrest -- when he was hit with a taser TWICE as he barreled his way out of a jewelry store back in February. We broke the story ... the Pro Bowl offensive tackle was arrested for assault in Georgia when he allegedly flipped out at Icebox Jewelry, punching a hole in the wall and threatening the owner. When cops arrived, Albert -- 6'5", 315 pounds -- allegedly tried to push his way out of the store and leave ... and that's when an officer drew his taser and fired. You can see the prongs hit Albert and you can hear taser fire -- Albert drops to the ground. But cops say he PULLED OUT THE PRONGS and got back up. According to the police report, an officer then tackled Albert to the ground. Eventually, Albert is taken into custody -- but he's out of breath and disoriented. Albert is due back in court later this month to face two felony charges -- 2nd degree criminal damages and willful obstruction of a law officer. (TMZ)


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