(Cosmopolitan) These little clues hint that your date's more than a charmer with all the right moves he's also a quality guy at heart.

He notices your moods
Instead of avoiding you or acting attention hungry when you're stressed, a keeper steps in to make things better say by rubbing your shoulders or running interference between you and an ex-pal at a party.

He picks up on little things
Asking for details about things you'd forgotten even mentioning to him means he's a great listener. A catch also remembers your schedule and suggests plans when he knows you're free not just when he is.

Your friends approve
Your buds can bring up specific things he said because a solid prospect makes sure not just to meet but actually to interact with your pals and win them over.

You don't worry if he'll call
A simple but important piece of the trust puzzle: When he says he'll be in touch, he is. That helps you make the leap that he'll follow through to other things down the line.


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