"Study Finds People Who Eat Beans Are More Musical!"
Trash! Well, sorta true for those who eat the musical fruit.

""Three People Shot in Argument Over Dog Poop!"
Truth! Police in Yakima, Washington say 62-year-old Henry Castro shot two neighbors and ultimately himself after he accused the neighbors of allowing their dog to defecate on his yard. The victims and the suspect are all currently in the hospital recovering.

"Doctor Sues Patient for Bad Online Review!"
Truth! In New York, Michelle Levine says she was just exercising free speech! Dr. Joon Song and his lawyers call it slander and they're suing Levine for $1 million bucks! So far she's out $20,000 defending herself!

"No is the New Yes!"
Trash! Well, true, but it isn't.

"De Beers to Start Selling Synthetic Diamonds!"
Truth! Even though they swore they never would. The synthetic diamonds will be sold under the name Lightbox which will offer full carat stones from roughly $800 beginning in September.

"Alien Ship Crashes at White House!"
Trash! There was no ship. It still doesn't explain the president.

"Valedictorian Not Allowed to Give Graduation Speech!"
Truth! In Covington, Kentucky, 18-year-old high school senior and valedictorian Christian Bales had his speech nixed by Holy Cross High School because apparently they felt it contained "elements that were political and inconsistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church." Bales, who is openly gay, gave his speech anyway - right outside the graduation venue using a bullhorn!

"Man Survives on Only Sunflower Seeds and Water!"
Trash! Technically true, but it was just for the duration of a Little League game. Hey, who hasn't?


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