On this date in 1784, Marie Thible of Lyon, France, became the first woman to fly in a free-flight balloon.
  • In fact, she was the only woman. After that, they charged for the flights. 
  • We don't know who was the first one to pay. 
  • After her husband caught her on the ground with the pilot. 
  • Shortly after she asked, "What happens if you untie this rope?" 
  • Immediately afterwards, the "no pet porcupine" rule went into effect. 

In 1812, the Louisiana Territory was renamed the Missouri Territory, just to confuse people.

It was on this date in 1886 that Henry Ford drove the first Ford-built car down Bagley Street in Detroit, Michigan. When he asked people if they had driven a Ford lately, it was a universal "No!"
  • He was also the first person ever to be able to say that he had driven a Ford lately. 
  • Later that afternoon, he pushed the first Ford-built car down Bagley Street and that inspired him to develop "the gas gauge." 
  • Unfortunately he got a speeding ticket for going 3 in a 2. 
  • That was back in the days when an auto bailout was something you did if you forgot to put the roof on before it rained. 
  • To show how smart he was, Ford was sure to pick out a street that was all downhill. Just in case. 

On this date in 1967, "The Monkees" won an Emmy for "Outstanding Comedy Series." So today's comedies did evolve from The Monkees.


Actress Angelina Jolie turns 43 today.
  • At age 5, she had a role in the movie, "Looking to get out"... which of course, Brad Pitt starred in years later. 
  • She's adopted so many kids, she's earned the nickname "The Womb Raider." 
  • And don't forget, the line to give her a birthday spanking starts over there. 

Russell Brand also turns 43 today. His greatest claim to fame-being married to Katie Perry for around 5 minutes. It was actually two years, give or take two years.

Noah Wylie turns 47. Forever to be known as Dr. Carter from "E.R."... minus the deductible, of course.

Former tennis player Andrea Jagger turns 53 today. I used to really like her, because of all the tennis players, hers was the name I could easily pronounce.

El DeBarge turns 57 today. I still don't know what the El stands for. Okay, for those of you who don't speak Spanish, his name, translated, is THE Debarge. You're welcome.

Michelle Phillips, one of the original Mamas and the Papas, turns 74 today. She was no Mama Cass... nope, she was about half of her. She's closer to being a member of the Great Grand Mamas and Grand Papas. Dr. Ruth Westheimer turns the big 9-0 today. I wonder if she, you know, still does radio? I'll bet she had some great magazines in the waiting room.

Hug Your Cat Day -- a day to let your cat know he's loved. 75 percent of cat owners are women, so try to make nice with these feline-taming tips.
Don't chase tail -- "It's a mistake to pursue a cat too aggressively," says veterinarian Lore Haug, of Texas A&M University. "Let the cat decide when it wants to be petted," she says. "It will let you know."
Skip the scent -- Lay off the cologne and cigarettes. Strong odors can freak out a feline.
Bring treats -- If the cat can smell the goodies on you, it will want to be near you. Oh, and bring flowers for the owner. Cats are very sensitive to their owners' emotions. If Mama's happy, Kitty's happy.
Invade her territory -- Find the sofa pillow or chair covered with fur -- that's the cat's spot. Eventually, it'll crawl up next to you. Scratch it gently on the neck and behind the ears, and wait for its mistress to join you.

Old Maid's Day -- If you're not married by 28 it means you're an old maid! That's the word from a Lenox survey, a china company. They found that 78 percent of Americans think a woman should be married by age 28 or it's just too late. Men get a break. Just 66 percent of Americans think men should say "I do" by that age. 28 percent of Americans think guys should hit 29 before settling down, but only 14 percent think a woman should wait that long.


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