Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale was born on this date in 1755. He's best known for his words, "I only regret I have but one life to give for my country!" Those weren't his last words, however. Those were spoken when he turned to his attorney and said, "You're fired!"

On this date in 1816, New England was hit with 10-inches of snow in what would become known as "the year without a summer."
  • Well, to some. Others called it the year of, "Why not start football season early?" 
  • It was known as "the year of no summer" which is fine for them because then you can just get to football. 
  • The baseball team threatened to change their name to the Boston Wool Sox. 

On this date in 1833, President Andrew Johnson became the first American president to ride on a train, making him one of the few presidents to stay on track. It was out in front of a grocery store and he actually went for two quarters' worth of rides.

In 1844, the YMCA was founded... once they could all agree on the arm gestures for the dance. Their slogan: "It takes a village, people!"

On this date in 1850, Levi Strauss made his first pair of blue jeans. To think, he was this close to calling them Strauss's.

In 1882, the electric iron was invented. Why they'd want to invent a golf club you had to plug in is beyond me.

The very first drive-in movie theater opened up on this date, back in 1933.
  • Remember, if it wasn't for the drive-in, the rear window defogger would never have been invented. 
  • It wasn't long before they realized that matinees didn't work. 
  • No one came. They decided to try it again the following day, but this time, at night. Much more successful. 

This is the 74th anniversary of D-Day (1944). Well, as far as World War II goes. It's only the 20th anniversary of D-Day, commemorating that day back in 1998 when I brought home my worst report card ever.

On this date in 1946, Henry Morgan became the first man to take off his shirt on national television. Naturally, he was also the first person to lose at strip poker on national television.


Remember the little girl in the TV show "My Two Dads" or Dana from "Step by Step?" Actress Staci Keanan turns 43 today. Of course, she went on to... uh... celebrate her 43rd birthday. Uncle Kracker turns 44 today. One of the few singers that goes well with soup. He still leaves crumbs everywhere he goes. But he does go great with cheese. His real name: Matthew Shafer.

Paul Giamatti celebrates his 51st birthday today. Again. Seems like he's been that age forever. If nothing else, he gets great customer service from Comcast.
  • He decided to go with the great method and it's working out for him. 
  • If you saw "Sideways," you know not to get him any Merlot. 
  • He needs to remember to turn down more scripts from M. Night Shyamalan. 
  • He played "Pig Vomit" in "Private Parts." 
  • He usually plays the bearded guy with glasses in movies. 

Harvey Fierstein is 64. He's that guy who sounds like he just gargled with gravel. Like Bea Arthur with a cold. While the other kids were playing in their sandboxes, he was eating his.

Wow, here's a name from the past: Dwight Twilley turns 67 today. Hi Twilley, Hi Twilley, Hi Ho!

Robert Englund, who played Freddie Kruger, turns 71 today. He plans a quiet evening at home until it's nightmare time. Imagine how scary it would be to have Grandpa Krueger reading you a story.

The Dalai Lama celebrates his 83rd birthday today. May his candles be enlightened.


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