• 58% of men have been sucker-punched. Men's Health's The Average Guy takes on all of a man's feints, jabs and KOs in the ring of life: 
  • 58% of men have been sucker punched 
  • 31% of men have sunk to kicking a guy in the you know what 
  • 55% of men have had a fight with their wife or girlfriend while behind the wheel 
  • 69% of men have intervened to save a buddy from getting pummeled 
  • 64% is the increase in the average guy's risk of developing heart disease if he nurses a grudge 
  • 21% of men admit to having fought on social media 
  • 25% of men enjoy posting trollish comments 
  • 80% of men have traded blows defending a woman's honor 
  • 20% of men have never put up their dukes 
  • 17% of men say they did not lose a fight they threw it 
  • 4% of dads have yelled at their kid's on the sofa 
  • 58% of men admit their own dad gave them praise for fighting as a child 
  • 49% of men have gotten into a shouting match with a co-worker 
  • 60% of men who've gotten into a shouting match with a co-worker wanted to cold-cock the dude 
  • 49% of men dwell on lost fights 
  • 57% of men regularly beat themselves up over dumb mistakes 
  • 52% of men think fighting has a place in sports other than hockey 
  • 29% of deluded men think they can survive a round with Georges St-Pierre 
  • 87 times is the number of arguments the average guy has with his partner each year about when to have sex 

Top things that make the average guy want to fight:
  • A friend went back on his word 
  • A trivial matter that escalated 
  • Someone talked trash about him 
  • Someone hurt a loved one 
  • Tie: Someone spilled a secret and/or a friend cheated with his wife or girlfriend 

Three stupid things Men's Health readers have come to blows over: a video game win, turkey stuffing and a fart.


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