• A Chicago strip club almost canceled a 4-night engagement with Stormy Daniels after the owner decided that "she was nothing to write home about." She ended up doing all of her scheduled shows. 
  • Danny Williams' Father's Day gift to Bill Clinton -- asking him to take a paternity test to determine once and for all if Clinton is his father. 
  • Landon Donovan is being criticized for saying that America should support "it's other team, Mexico." 
  • Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped a surprise album and single over the weekend. 
  • The Roseanne spin-off is still alive. ABC is working out the details. 
  • As far Kim Kardashian running for president some day, she says "Never say never." 
  • Senator Ted Cruz beat Jimmy Kimmel in a celebrity one-on-one basketball game Sunday, 11-9. $14,000 was raised for charity. 
  • A statistical shocker out of England, where only 5% of burglaries or robberies are ever solved. 
  • A psychologist in Memphis closed her office after being accused of spanking several patients with a whip and riding crop. 
  • The early reviews on John Travolta's new movie, "Gotti" are beyond horrible. Rotten tomatoes gave it a 0%. 
  • A British man stabbed himself to death after mistakenly thinking he was wearing a stab-proof fest and wanted to test it out. 
  • The golf world is mad at Phil Mickelson for his behavior at the U.S. Open on Saturday, including hitting a moving ball. 
  • There's a craze moving down from Canada and into the U.S. -- Ax Throwing Centers. You know, in stead of darts, you're tossing axes. 
  • The LeBron/Lakers rumor continues. 
  • Chris Hardwick is the latest hot potato in the #metoo movement, after a former girlfriend made some damning accusations online. 
  • McDonalds is going to test out straw alternatives in the U.S. 
  • Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has accepted a two year suspended sentence and $20 Million fine for tax fraud. 
  • Honey Boo Boo's mom June Shannon is blaming a 25 pound weight gain on poor vision. 
  • After enough complaints, Target pulled a Father's Day "Baby Daddy" card from their shelves. 
  • Cincinnati rookie quarterback Logan Woodside was arrested on suspicion of DUI. 
  • How much did the Golden State Warriors spend on champagne during the course of the playoffs? $990,000. 
  • Mexico's win over Germany in the World Cup actually caused some seismic measurements. Yes, in other words, an earthquake.


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