• So, the North Korea Summit is on, but the Philadelphia Eagles summit was canceled. The day before the team was supposed to make it's Super Bowl victory visit to the White House, President Trump dis-invited them because of comments made by several members of the team and the whole national anthem issue. 
  • Fashion designer Kate Spade was found dead at the age of 55 in her Park Avenue apartment on Tuesday. She left a note before taking her own life by hanging and was discovered by her housekeeper. She is survived by her husband Andrew, who is the brother of actor David Spade, and her 13-year-old daughter Frances. 
  • A couple of weeks after Meghan Markle got married, her first husband, Trevor Engleson, announced his engagement. 
  • Tesla has refunded a third of the Model 3 pre-orders. 
  • So, you knew about the Pete Davidson (SNL) and Ariana Grande thing, right? Apparently, there is a thing. 
  • The Queen gave Meghan and Harry a couple of pretty nice wedding gifts: a place called York Cottage, a royal property located at Sandringham Estate, a 20,000-acre estate in Norfolk, about 110 miles northeast of Kensington Palace... and a home at Sandringham Estate. 
  • There are have been over 9,900 earthquakes in Hawaii the past 30 days. 
  • Howard Schultz is stepping down from his role as executive chairman of Starbucks, effective June 26. The rumor is still out there he might run for president in two years. 
  • Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are back together again after a brief split. 
  • Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, 93, was released from a Maine hospital on Monday after a week's treatment for low blood pressure. 
  • There's more talk about grabbing the rest of the cast of "Roseanne" and bring them all back for another season. 
  • Oprah is buying a 43-acre estate on Orcas Island, up in the San Juan Islands of Washington state for $8.275 million. 
  • Crayola is coming out with a makeup line. 
  • Hugh Dane, the actor best known for playing Hank the security guard on NBC's The Office, has died. He was 75. 
  • A historic Memphis, Tennessee, theater, which has shown "Gone With the Wind" screenings for 34 years, has decided to remove the classic film from its schedule due to its racially "insensitive" content. 


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