Tesla has released a teaser picture of the Model Y, a Tesla SUV.

It's one of the places I would go to get headlines, but Facebook says they will soon replace the "Trending" feature to "make way for future news experiences."

Jerry Maren, the last living Munchkin that welcomed Dorothy to Munchkin Land in the 1939 film, has died at age 98. He was the one who handed Dorothy the lollipop after they sang, "We represent the Lollipop Guild." (The one in the middle.)

KFC has created a veggie version of its fried chicken in the UK.

Airline ticket prices are going up due to recent fuel price increases.

Half of American households have ditched land-line phones.

Kate Spade and her husband had been living apart for the past ten months and he was filing for divorce.

Val Kilmer will reportedly be back as Iceman in the "Top Gun" revisit.

Lots of good buzz on the new scary movie, "Hereditary."

McDonald's says they'll soon add kiosks to 1,000 more stores, saying people tend to order more from them.

Canada is getting closer to legalizing marijuana.

Officials in Nevada are considering banning baseball bats, slingshots and items that can be used as weapons at protests.

Scientists are now saying that it's best to talk to dogs in a "baby voice." Do you? Will you?

Alice Marie Johnson had her life sentence commuted on Wednesday by President Trump after spending 22 years behind bars. It's what Kim Kardashian West had requested during her meeting with the president last week.

For the record, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been seen together lately a couple of times.

A University College London says that a combination of sleep, exercise and a small amount of alcohol all will help stimulate the ‘brain drain', preventing the dangerous buildup of sticky plaques which drive dementia.

North Texas is still reeling from baseball-sized hail that pummeled houses and cars on Wednesday. Windows smashed, homes damaged.


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