• Researchers say that being in love makes water taste sweeter.
  • Ten percent of daters surveyed said having a cracked cell phone screen is a major turn off because it makes you seem cheap, clumsy, or careless.
  • A study found, when meeting someone new, the first two things people judge are the other person's teeth and their grammar.
  • About one-third of people surveyed said a salad is the worst thing to eat while driving.
  • The average man learns how to a washing machine at the age of 24.
  • One in three women say love handles is sexy on a guy.
  • Most of us use toilet paper every day, and studies show Americans use 3 times more of it than any other country.
  • Doing THIS, can lift your spirits in as little as 5 minutes. What is it? Doodling. According to "The Arts in Psycho-therapy" research journal. Sketching little drawings like flowers, hearts, & even random squiggles, lights up your brain's reward center -- which lifts your spirits and makes you feel good in as little as 5 minutes.


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