(Glamour) Who pays? Who stays? The night, that is. First dates, can be fun, not fraught, with these tips:

Limit your expectations.
Put the "It is the first night of the rest of your life" stuff away and enjoy the evening.

Be open to someone you do not have a lot in common with.
"Relationships where two people are too similar result in boredom or, at best, good friends with no passion," says Rachel Greenwald, author of "Have Him at Hello." Know when you have been Googled. Be ready to explain that pole-dancing photo. Check him out as well, but give him what you want the benefit of the doubt.

Get dressed up.
Why not? And expect some effort on his part too.

Break your own rules for the right guy.
"A client of mine who swore she would never date a guy more than five years older is now happily married to a man 14 years her senior," says Greenwald.

Let him know if you want to see him again.
"Refer to something from the evening, like, 'That story about your dog will have me laughing for the rest of the week whenever I think about it.' Then say good night," says Greenwald. Or novel thought just say, "I would like to see you again."

Don't talk about your exes.
Do you want to hear about his? No. Done. The ban applies online too. "Your date does not want to see you making out with three ex-boyfriends in your photo albums," says Greenwald.

Don't give up too fast.
Not everyone has mind blowing fireworks after the first kiss. Sometimes sexual chemistry is a slow burn, not a strike anywhere match.

Don't text at the table.
Unless one of you is a doctor on call in which case, was there really no other time to meet up, the girl chat can wait.


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