It was on this date in 1704, the Boston Newsletter printed the very first newspaper advertisement. It was ad for taking out an ad in a newspaper. It seemed redundant.

On this date in 1840, the first adhesive postage stamps were issued. Until that time, you had to nail them to the letters. It was quite dangerous.

In 1860, the first school for the deaf opened, after many, many difficult challenges. At first, people wouldn't hear of it.

On this date in 1873, the very first penny postcards in America were printed. It took that long because Penny was really shy about posing for them. If you didn't know anyone named Penny, they were pretty useless.

In 1941, Cheerios were introduced by General Mills and the first box went on sale.
Milk meet Cheerios. Cheerios meet Milk.
It was a much bigger hit than their previous version, Mildly Happy O's.
They replaced another cereal, "Mildly depressed O's."
I still don't know what makes them so cheery.

On this date in 1952, the very first Mr. Potato Head went on sale.
I understand that he's still quite a spud, although his eyes are going bad.
With the slogan "This spud's for you!"
Imagine -- a toy that you put together yourself -- decades before the first IKEA.
Who knew he'd grow up to sound like the late Don Rickles?

In 1961, Fidel Castro announced there would be no more elections in Cuba. If you're looking at the positive spin, think about it: no campaign ads, no debates, etc.

On this date in 1972, "The Tonight Show" moved from New York City to Burbank, CA. That was one of the two demands by host Johnny Carson. The other was for better health coverage other than an annual exam by Doc Severinsen.


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