U.S. Olympic legend Michael Johnson -- one of the fastest humans of all time -- says he's fully recovered after suffering a crippling stroke in 2018 ... and even sprinting again!!! 51-year-old Johnson -- who won 4 gold medals in 3 Olympics -- tells TMZ Sports he suffered a stroke on the right side of his brain following a workout in Sept. 2018. At the time, Johnson said he felt discomfort in his left leg, numbness in his left arm and quickly began to lose balance. So, he rushed to the emergency room to get checked out. "By the time I got to the hospital, I couldn't walk anymore. I couldn't stand on my left side," Johnson says. "But, fortunately, I got there quickly and was able to get treated by a team of specialists." Johnson spent the next several months working his ass off in several rehabilitation programs including physical and occupational therapy ... and says he approached rehab like he was training for the Olympics. "[Rehabilitating was] a little more difficult on the one hand because no one's standing there clapping there for me when I finish my workout now," Johnson said. "But, at the same time, this is my livelihood that was at stake." Ultimately, Johnson was able to get back to the high level of physical fitness he was at before the stroke -- and now he's on a mission to spread awareness along with the American Stroke Association. And, he's still just as confident as ever ... because when we asked who would win a sprint between a prime Michael Johnson and a prime Usain Bolt -- you KNOW who MJ picked!!! (TMZ)

Ice Cube sees big things in store for Lamar Odom ... telling TMZ sports he thinks L.O. will return to glory in the BIG3 league this season. Hours before the 2019 BIG3 Draft kicks off in Las Vegas, Cube was raving about the huge stars he's locked up for the upcoming season -- most notably Lamar Odom. As we previously reported ... Odom has been training his ass off in hopes of playing pro basketball again. We're told he's looking pretty good in the gym. Now it's time to see if a BIG3 team still believes in Odom when the draft goes live at 7 PM PT. "A lot of people counted him out, but not us," Cube said. "I think he's gonna be our comeback player of the year." Cube is also excited about Royce White, a former first-round NBA Draft pick who ended up playing up overseas because of conflicts with NBA teams over the treatment of his mental illness. White was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder -- which was a problem when it came to traveling for away games. But White is still incredibly talented and hopes to showcase his skills in the BIG3. (Eonline)

Kathleen Biden dating again after splitting from Hunter. Kathleen Biden is back on the dating scene after her tumultuous divorce from Hunter Biden, Page Six has learned. We revealed that Hunter and Hallie Biden the widow of his brother Beau Biden have split after more than two years together. The split between the son of Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his sister-in-law is believed to be amicable. And a source familiar with the situation told us that mom-of-three Kathleen has most definitely moved on from her 2017 divorce from Hunter, saying: "Kathleen is thriving and looking better than ever and back on the dating scene." Kathleen took a full-time job at the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project in 2018, working alongside her close friend, founder Karen Marcou. The DCVLP champions women and children who can't fight for themselves in court. It's all a far cry from April 2017, when Kathleen reportedly broke down at court as her divorce was finalized. Their divorce marked the end of a torrid split after 22 years of marriage that included drug and cheating allegations. Although Kathleen accused Hunter in court records of blowing the family's savings on drugs and prostitutes, neither side contested the divorce and they reached a private settlement agreement. Kathleen wept as she told the court that she and her husband of two decades had lived separately for the past six months and there was no reasonable prospect of reconciliation. At one point, the judge briefly paused the proceedings to pass her a box of tissues. (PageSix)

Rich the Kid caused a stir over not being able to stir a drink on his flight out of Los Angeles, and when he landed in Sacramento ... the police were waiting. Folks sitting near Rich on the Delta flight Wednesday tell TMZ ... the rapper was PISSED because flight attendants stopped serving booze as the plane was about to land ... and he kept ringing his flight attendant call button. We're told the flight attendants got upset too and asked him to stop ... but Rich wouldn't listen and the madness ensued. The crew called ahead to the terminal to let police know they had an unruly passenger onboard. As you can see, cops greeted Rich as soon as he got off the jetway. Sources close to Rich tell us he wanted to speak to a Delta supervisor about why he couldn't get served, and to file an official complaint with the airline. We're told the police mediated the discussion between Rich and Delta -- he was never handcuffed or arrested ... and eventually went on his way. Rich on his way to gig in Stockton, CA. We're guessing he'll find all the booze he wants in his dressing room. (TMZ)


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