(from Men's Health)

  • Her sexual past. As long as she didn't pick up anything permanently communicable, think of it this way: You're the beneficiary of years of practice.
  • Your parents' fallibility. Your therapist is tired of hearing about the forced French horn lessons. Get over it, will ya?
  • Your own fallibility. Sometimes sucking at something but doing it anyway is fun (think: dancing).
  • The knowledge that life has more unexpected twists and turns than Donald Trump tweets. Denying it only makes it worse. Right, Mr. President?
  • That college rival/ex-girlfriend/ex-boss/jerk-who-cut-you-off-in-traffic you still resent. They don't deserve that level of devotion from you, do they?
  • Your lousy childhood. If you had lived in 1650, you'd have had a one-in-three chance of making it to 18. Okay - so Ernie and Bert were your babysitter. Consider it a privilege.
  • The neighbors' holiday party. It's kind of like Canada: They serve crappy beer, they're boring, and they're always watching hockey. But attending creates a peaceful border. Suck it up.
  • Monday morning. Nothing makes for a killer Friday like a productive Monday.
  • Your rock-star fantasy. You know what comes with groupies? The clap.
  • Your girlfriend's "flaw." Cut her a break. She endures your quirks, maybe even indulges them. Return the favor, and throw in a Hermes bag.
  • The daily grind. Defend your priorities with a firm hand, and other people will stop setting them for you.


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