• "Star Wars" actor Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbecca in the original trilogy, died on Tuesday, his family announced on his Twitter. He was 74.
  • Forget "Happy Meals", Burger King is going to start offering "Real Meals," because not everyone is happy.
  • The 145th annual running of the Kentucky Derby is tomorrow at Churchill Downs.
  • Coming up on the 50th anniversary of being on the moon, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin says it's time for the U.S. to focus on the planet, Mars.
  • In a new interview, Angelica Houston says that Oprah has never spoken to her or invited her on her show, since she won the Oscar for "Prizzi's Honor" the year Oprah was nominated for "The Color Purple."
  • A system off of Florida could become the first named storm of 2019. It will become Andrea, if it gets powerful enough.
  • A newly-identified sketch of Leonardo da Vinci will go on public display for the first time at Buckingham Palace. It's believed to be one of only two surviving portraits made during the artist's lifetime.
  • That'll be a one-hour series finale May 16th for "The Big Bang Theory." They taped the final episode and were on the set one final time this past Tuesday.
  • Chelsea Handler is launching a new podcast based on her book, "Life will be the Death of Me."
  • Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner did something even more fun after attending the Billboard Music Awards in Vegas the other night-they got married.
  • Alex Trebek says he continues to fight his pancreatic cancer and plans to beat it, but still has "surges of deep, deep sadness."
  • Jude Law married his partner Phillipa Coan in an intimate wedding in London on Tuesday. He's 46, she's 32 and a psychologist.
  • Marie Osmond is going to replace Sara Gilbert when she leaves, "The Talk." For a while, it will mean Marie commuting from New York to Vegas, until she wraps up her Sin City show with brother, Donnie.
  • A study says eating rice may fight obesity.
  • CNN's April ratings dropped 26% from last year.
  • A Babe Ruth rookie card sold for $130,000 after being discovered in an old piano.
  • Some are saying that Taylor Swift's opening performance at the Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night was a direct rip-off of Beyonce's Coachella Show. Just sayin'...


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