• Norah O'Donnell is officially out as co-host of CBS's struggling morning show -- thanks to Gayle King, who wanted her out.
  • Blake Lively showed up to a movie premiere in Manhattan last Thursday showing off a baby bump on the red carpet next to her husband Ryan Reynolds.
  • What did Victoria Beckham give husband David for his birthday last week? La Roche-Posay deodorant. It was what he asked for.
  • The number one name for babies born in Berlin, Germany, these days? Mohammed.
  • The family of a Kentucky man who committed suicide shortly after appearing on "The Jerry Springer Show" has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Springer and NBC.
  • A Northern California public school district may remove a mural of George Washington from the halls of George Washington High School due to concerns that it's offensive and demeaning to Native Americans and African-Americans.
  • Dan Patrick revealed last week to his viewers that he's been suffering from severe joint-pain for around a decade. Though he's been helped by taking Prednisone, it has also led to issues like depression, personality change and suicidal thoughts.
  • ABC is renewing "Blackish" for a sixth season, while also announcing a spinoff called "Mixed-ish." Think "Young Sheldon," but about Rainbow growing up.
  • Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the "Star Wars" films and died last week at age 74, was 7-foot, 3-inches tall.
  • CVS, Payless Shoes and Victoria's Secret are just some of the famous brands closing thousands of stores before 2019 is over.
  • We now hear that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were married in Las Vegas last week by an Elvis Impersonator.
  • Kelly Clarkson hosted the Billboard Music Awards Wednesday night and then flew immediately to a hospital to have her appendix removed.
  • The winner of Miss USA last week was Miss North Carolina, Cheslie Kryst.


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