Time to get out there and hit the After May Day Sales. I mean, any time you can get 50% off mace, why wouldn't ya?

The birthday judges are giving figure skater Sarah Hughes a 34 today.

Singer Lily Allen turns 34 today. Her actual full name: Lily Rose Beatrice Cooper. She had four first names to work with. I wonder why she threw in Allen?

David Beckham turns 44 today. I'll give you a moment.
Yeah, surprised it's not a holiday, too.
I'm so tired of being mistaken for him.
He's an amazing soccer player. In fact, his wife, Victoria is really about the only one who can keep him from scoring.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson turns 47 today. What is this? Hunk birthday day?
He's never heard the phrase, "As dumb as a rock." I wouldn't to be the first to tell him.
Imagine finding him in your shoe.
Not many people know my nickname is also "The Rock." Unfortunately, because of my arteries.

This score just in: Christine Baranski 67, Lou Gramm 69.

Lou Gramm of Foreigner turns 69 today. He tends to sing more solo these days. As you know, it's tough being a Foreigner.

Hot Blooded, yes, but only while sitting in front of a fire.
He used to sing "Waiting For a Girl Like You" at concerts, now he belts it out for his nurse.

Englebert Humperdinck turns 83. In his day, he was quite the heart throb. Now he's just trying to keep his own heart throbbing.


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