We might be a few people down on Monday. Cinco de Mayo is Sunday.

May the 3rd be with you. I wanted to beat the rush this year.

Country singer Eric Church turns 42 today. Ironically, church singer Eric Country is also 42. Just kidding! I'm pretty sure that's the new truck birthday.

Christina Hendricks is 44 today. These days, she's being bad on "Good Girls."

Singer Christopher Cross turns 68 today. Back in the 1980s, he was all that. Now, there's just a little bit left.
He's 12 years away from getting back to the 80s.
He always had a high voice that made people ask, "Are you sure you're playing that at the right speed?"
He was big in the 80s. Of course, so was hair.
He's going to featured in the new VH1 show, "We don't care where they are now."

Sportscaster Greg Gumbel turns 72 today.
He's the older, more conceited Gumbel brother.
He plans a romantic evening at home with himself.
Yeah, another birthday, another autographed picture of his brother, Bryant.

Ron Popeil, the guy behind all those crazy products, turns 84 today. Now, what would you pay?

Frankie Valli is 85 today and in his fourth season.


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