• "Almost" is the longest word you can spell in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order! (Yes)
  • You think walking is easy? Well it actually takes 116 muscles just to lift your leg and move it forward. (B.S., it actually takes only about 40 to do that)
  • The city that drinks the most wine per capita is Paris. (B.S. - it's Vatican City!)
  • The state of Oregon actually has a law that dishes must "drip dry." (Yes)
  • Ostriches can outrun horses! (Yes)
  • There are more than 15 thousand different varieties of rice. (Yes)
  • The largest Great White Shark ever caught measured over 45 feet long and weighed just over 20 tons! (B.S.! The largest on record was 37 feet long and weighed 12 tons! It was captured off the shores of New Brunswick in 1930)
  • Human birth control pills also work on gorillas! (Yes)
  • The symbol we call a hashtag is actually called a wiglet. (B.S. - it's called an octotroph)
  • What we call a "French kiss" is called an "English kiss" in France. (Yes)
  • In all of the Sir Conan Doyle books, Sherlock Holmes never once actually said, "Elementary my dear Watson." (Yes)
  • There are an estimate 5 webpages of porn content for every page of non-porn content. (Yes)
  • A pound of houseflies actually contains more protein than a pound of beef! (Yes)
  • Eric Clapton has officially been a member of 6 different bands during his career. (B.S. - actually 9!)
  • People who have night jobs weigh more on average than people with day jobs. (Yes)
  • During the first year puppies grow 100 times faster than human infants do. (B.S., but they do grow 10 times faster)
  • Despite his German origin, Mozart is buried in Italy. (B.S. - Nobody has any idea where Mozart is buried)
  • Only 4 of the 900 poems written by Emily Dickinson were published during her lifetime. (Yes)
  • If you uncoil a Slinky, it would be 120 feet long. (B.S., it would only be 87 feet)
  • Toeprints are just as unique and individual as fingerprints. (Yes)


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