Born On This Day...

In 1787 Civil rights leader, Sojourner Truth (women's and black's rights)
In 1789 Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre, developed a method of photography
In 1801 Businessman, John Butterfield (founded American Express)
In 1832 Finnish explorer, Nils Nordenskjold (Northeast Passage)
In 1836 Playwright/lyricist, Sir W.S. Gilbert (Gilbert and Sullivan)
In 1836 Italian founder of criminology, Cesare Lombroso
In 1874 Humorist/essayist, Clarence Day (Life With Father)
In 1881 Hockey player, Percy Lesueur (invented large goalie glove)
In 1889 Italian operatic soprano, Amelita Galli-Curci
In 1897 Pianist/songwriter, Jules Buffano (Jimmy Durante Show)
In 1899 Conductor, Eugene Ormandy (Philadelphia Orchestra)
In 1901 Pollster, George H. Gallup (Gallup Poll) [d: 7-28-84]
In 1906 Biochemist, George Wald (vitamin A in retina) [d: 4-13-97]
In 1908 Actress, Imogene Coca (Your Show of Shows) [d: 6-2-01]
In 1909 Lyricist, Johnny Mercer (Moon River, Old Black Magic) [d: 6-25-76]
In 1912 Actor, Arthur Peterson (Major-Soap, The Guiding Light) [d: 10-31-96]
In 1922 U.S. springboard diver, Majorie Gestring (Olympic-Gold-1936) [d:4-20-92]
In 1923 Astronaut, Alan Sheppard (first American in space) [d: 7-21-98]
In 1926 Singer, Dorothy Collins (Your Hit Parade) [d: 7-21-94]
In 1928 Disney's animated character, Mickey Mouse (Steamboat Willie) (91)
In 1929 X-15 pilot, William (Pete) Knight [d: 5-7-04]
In 1936 Singer, Hank Ballard (The Twist, Finger Poppin' Time) [d: 3-2-03]
In 1936 Jazz trumpeter/composer, Don Cherry [d: 10-19-95]
In 1939 Author/poet, Margaret Eleanor Atwood (80)
In 1939 Actress, Brenda Vaccaro (Cactus Flower, Sara, Paper Dolls) (80)
In 1941 Actor, David Hemmings (Blow-up, Barbarella) [d: 12-3-03]
In 1942 Actress, Linda Evans (Audra-Big Valley, Krystle-Dynasty) (77)
In 1944 Actress, Susan Sullivan (Rich Man Poor Man, Falcon Crest) (75)
In 1946 Sci-fi author, Alan Dean Foster (False Mirror, Cyber Way) (73)
In 1947 Actor, Jameson Parker (American Justice, Andrew-Simon & Simon) (72)
In 1948 Actress, Andrea Marcovicci (Berrengers, Fran-Trapper John) (71)
In 1948 Football player, Jack Tatum (Raiders) [d: 7-27-10]
In 1949 Drummer, Herman Rarebell (Scorpions) (70)
In 1950 Singer/songwriter/producer, Graham Parker (69)
In 1950 Bassist, Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Whitesnake) (69)
In 1951 Astronaut, Mark N. Brown (STS-28, 48) (68)
In 1953 Comedian/actor, Kevin Nealon (SNL, Coneheads) (66)
In 1954 Singer/songwriter, John Parr (Naughty Naughty, St. Elmo's Fire) (65)
In 1956 Football player, Tony Franklin (Eagles, Patriots) (63)
In 1956 Football player, Warren Moon (Oilers, Vikings, Seahawks) (63)
In 1956 Comedian/actor, Sinbad (A Different World, Sinbad) (63)
In 1958 Actor, Oscar Nunez (The Office) (61)
In 1960 Actress, Elizabeth Perkins (Flintstones, Miracle on 34th St.) (59)
In 1960 Singer, Kim Wilde (You Keep Me Hangin' On) (59)
In 1961 Singer, Janice Lynn Kuehnemund (Vixen) (58)
In 1962 Guitarist/songwriter, Kirk Hammett (Metallica) (57)
In 1965 Singer, Tim DeLaughter (Tripping Daisy) (54)
In 1966 Playmate, Gwendolyn Hajek (September-1987) (53)
In 1968 Actor, Owen Wilson (Starsky & Hutch, Wedding Crashers) (51)
In 1969 Playmate, Cheryl Bachman (October-1991) (50)
In 1969 Actor/singer, Phil Buckman (Slash-Drexell's Class) (50)
In 1969 Singer, Duncan Sheik (50)
In 1970 Journalist, Megyn Kelly (FOX News, NBC) (49)
In 1971 Actor, Paul Korver (Chris-As the World Turns) (48)
In 1974 Actress, Chloe Sevigny (Boys Don't Cry) (45)
In 1975 Baseball player, David Ortiz (Red Sox) (44)
In 1977 Rap Performer, Fabolous (42)
In 1977 Actress, Savannah Haske (Tatiana-Third Watch) (42)
In 1982 Actor, Damon Wayans Jr. (37)
In 1983 Singer, Mila J (36)
In 1985 U.S. runner, Allyson Felix (2012-Olympics-4 gold) (34)
In 1986 Actor, Evan Matthew Cohen (Lloyd-Malcolm in the Middle) (33)
In 1992 Actor, Nathan Kress (iCarly) (27)
In 1996 Singer, Roy Blair (23)


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