Time to test your "Guy-Q." We will give you a situation, you pick out the "Guy" solution.
You are driving to friends house when it becomes obvious that you guy is totally lost does he:
  1. Stop at the first gas station and ask directions.
  2. Call you friend on the cell phone and admit he is lost and needs help.
  3. Deny that you are lost and refuse to ask anyone for directions because after all "How do they know where you are going!"
After locking his keys in the car a guy would:
  1. Immediately call the auto club to rescue him.
  2. Call his wife/girlfriend and ask her to bring her set of keys.
  3. Fiddle with a wire clothes hanger for two hours, and if another guy walks by say to him, "Can you believe my wife locked her keys in here again!"
When a guy catches a cold will he:
  1. Get plenty of rest drink lots of fluids and try not to burden anyone with complaints.
  2. Make himself a bowl of chicken soup, and still get to those household chores because they still have to get done.
  3. Lay in bed moaning and complaining waiting for you to bring a bowl of soup because "You never get as sick as he does."
When you ask a guy how a particular dress looks on you will he say:
  1. I like the way it accents your figure, you look great!
  2. It doesn't matter what you wear, you look beautiful in everything!
  3. Yeah, that's fine, can we go now.
If asked to stop by the grocery store for milk and bread, a guy will:
  1. Show up with milk and bread.
  2. Show up with milk, bread and a dozen roses just "because."
  3. Show up with a bag of beef jerky, six pack of beer and no bread, no milk.
When one of your appliances stops working, a guy will:
  1. Immediately call a repair person out to take a look.
  2. Go to the neighbors house and ask to borrow theirs until he can get a repair person out.
  3. Insist on taking it apart, despite the fact this will cost him twice as much when the repair person gets there and has to put it back together.
The answer is obviously always 'C.'


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