• A recent survey found that one third of all couples have never gone on a romantic trip together.
  • The average person is likely to spend more than 1,200 hours online every year.
  • A study has identified more than 1,600 injuries annually from a wire grill brush.
  • On the average we forget to use deodorant five times a month.
  • 30% of women in a recent survey admit they have no desire to paint their toenails this time of year.
  • A study found that saying "thank you" to your partner on a regular basis is the key to a happy relationship.
  • 62% of people would be unwilling to become a vegetarian if their partner asked them to.
  • 62% of women have waxed their upper lip before their wedding.
  • You're taking a walk in a desert and you find a rock. You say, "That has to be a meteorite." And you're correct. Where are you? You're in Antarctica. Because of its minuscule annual precipitation (less than 10 inches), it's classified as a desert. And its ice and snow have been slowly building up for millennia with little evaporation.


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