Born On This Day...

In 354 Theologian/philosopher, St. Augustine (Bishop of Hippo)
In 1312 King Edward III of England (1327-77)
In 1792 English author, Edward John Trelawney
In 1833 Actor, Edwin Booth (John Wilkes Booth's brother)
In 1834 General Hamilton Hawkins (led charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba)
In 1850 Scottish author, Robert Louis Stevenson (Treasure Island)
In 1856 U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis (1916-39)
In 1893 Biochemist, Edward A. Doisy (vitamin K) (Nobel-1943)
In 1894 Jazz pianist/bandleader, Bennie Moten
In 1896 Chinese aviator, Myron Beard (helped develop Boeing 747)
In 1906 Actress, Hermione Baddeley (Maude, Good Life) [d: 8-19-86]
In 1916 Actor, Jack Elam (How The West Was Won, The Dakotas) [d: 10-20-03]
In 1917 Actor, Robert Sterling (George-Adventures of Topper) [d: 5-31-06]
In 1920 Cartoonist, Charles Saxon (New Yorker Magazine) [d: 12-6-88]
In 1922 Game show host, Jack Narz (Beat the Clock) [d: 10-15-08]
In 1922 Actress, Madeleine Sherwood (Mother Superior-Flying Nun) [d: 4-23-16]
In 1922 Movie director, Oskar Werner (Fahrenheit 451) [d: 10-23-84]
In 1924 Actress, Linda Christian (Athena, VIPs, Battle Zone) [d: 7-22-11]
In 1932 Actor, Richard Mulligan (Soap, Harry Weston-Empty Nest) [d: 9-26-00]
In 1933 Actress, Adrienne Corri (Dr. Zhivago, A Clockwork Orange) [d: 3-13-16]
In 1933 Lead singer, Clyde McPhatter (The Drifters) [d: 6-13-72]
In 1934 Producer/actor, Garry Marshall (Laverne & Shirley/Murphy Brown) [d: 7-19-16]
In 1938 Actress, Jean Seberg (Paint Your Wagon, Airport) [d: 9-8-79]
In 1939 Author, George V. Higgins [d: 11-6-99]
In 1940 Figure skater/sports reporter, Joan Haanappel (79)
In 1940 Singer, Baby Washington (That's How Heartaches Are Made) (79)
In 1941 Actress, Beth Brickell (Ellen-Gentle Ben) (78)
In 1941 Actor, Dack Rambo (Jack Ewing-Dallas, Another World) [d: 3-21-94]
In 1941 Baseball player, Mel Stottlemyre (Yankees) [d: 1-13-19]
In 1942 Blues singer, John Paul Hammond (So Many Roads) (77)
In 1944 Singer/keyboardist, Timmy Thomas (Why Can't We Live Together) (75)
In 1947 Actor, Joe Mantegna (Godfather III, Criminal Minds) (72)
In 1948 Actress, Sheila Frazier (Gloria-Lazarus Syndrome) (71)
In 1949 Guitarist, Roger Steen (The Tubes) (70)
In 1951 U.S. hockey player, Beth Anders (Olympic-Bronze-1984) (68)
In 1953 Actress, Tracy Scoggins (Cat-Lois & Clark, Babylon 5) (66)
In 1954 Actor, Chris Noth (Detective Mike Logan-Law & Order) (65)
In 1955 Actress, Whoopi Goldberg (Color Purple, Ghost, Sister Act) (64)
In 1956 Singer/guitarist, Aldo Nova (Fantasy) (63)
In 1960 Actor, Neil Flynn (Scrubs, The Middle) (59)
In 1963 Football player, Vinny Testaverde (Bucs, Browns, Ravens, Jets) (56)
In 1964 Trumpeter/singer, Walter Kibby (Fishbone) (55)
In 1967 Comedian/TV host, Jimmy Kimmel (Man Show, Jimmy Kimmel Show) (52)
In 1967 Actor, Steve Zahn (That Thing You Do, You've Got Mail) (52)
In 1968 Baseball player, Pat Hentgen (Blue Jays, Cardinals, Orioles) (51)
In 1969 Actor, Gerard Butler (300, Olympus Has Fallen) (50)
In 1969 Actress, Melissa Hayden (Bridget-Guiding Light) (50)
In 1970 Actress, Cathy Jeneen Doe (Simone Russell-Passions) (49)
In 1971 Actor, Noah Hathaway (Boxey-Battlestar Galactica, Quest, Troll) (48)
In 1979 Bassist, Nikolai Fraiture (The Strokes) (40)
In 1980 Actress, Monique Coleman (High School Musical) (39)
In 1982 Actor, Michael Copon (One Tree Hill, Beyond the Break) (37)
In 1985 Football player, Michael Bennett (Seahawks, Cowboys) (34)
In 1991 Actor, Matt Bennett (Victorious, Bridesmaids) (28)
In 1991 Actor, Devon Bostick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) (28)
In 1993 Singer, Julia Michaels (Borgeous) (26)
In 1995 Actress, Stella Hudgens (The Memory Thief, Deeply Irresponsible) (24)
In 1998 Singer, Charlie Storwick ("Turn it Up Up Up," "Good as Gone") (21)
In 2002 Actress, Nikki Hahn (Jimmy Kimmel Live) (17)


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