• According to a recent survey, 70% of Instagram users have fewer than 1,000 followers.
  • 41% of connected medical device owners bought their device online or at a retail store.
  • A survey found that 40% of people have been burned by a seat belt when it's hot outside.
  • 36% of people in a Good Housekeeping survey said they always have chopsticks in their kitchen.
  • 14% of students change majors in college at least once.
  • Creative people are more likely to sleep on their left side.
  • Experts estimate that you can get about 27,000 miles out of a shopping cart.
  • A University of Iowa study found that 22% is how much less likely you are to be a victim of a crime in the future if you report incidents to the police, possibly due to actions the cops take or education you receive from them.
  • This contains about two thirds of the elements on the periodic table. What? An iPhone (about 75 elements).


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