• Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and her husband Andrew East welcomed a baby girl into the world this week.
  • Remember how Alec Baldwin was sued by a guy he punched over a parking space a year ago? Now, Alec is suing the guy for false imprisonment and defamation.
  • Kanye West's new album, "Jesus is King" has debuted at number one on the music charts. His 9th album in a row to do that.
  • The Dow Jones is up 18% for the year.
  • Cooper Hefner, son of the late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, has married his longtime girlfriend and fiancĂ©e, actress Scarlett Byrne. She played Pansy Parkinson in the Harry Potter movies.
  • After two years of dating, it looks like Anna Faris and cinematographer Michael Barrett are engaged. No official announcement yet, but she's lugging around quite a rock on her finger.
  • J.C. Penney is said to be looking at relaunching their stores with a new type of venue that includes fitness studios, video game lounges and style classes.
  • A Russian man faces four years in prison for throwing a cat that scratched a policeman.
  • This year's World Series was the third least-watched ever.
  • The Center for Disease Control says that on-screen smoking in PG-13 films has doubled since 2010.
  • Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta will host the next Democratic President Debate on November 20.
  • As she approaches her 30th birthday, Emma Watson says she's "self-partnered," not single.
  • An Ohio woman found dead in her own home was apparently killed by her Great Danes.
  • A miracle puppy that was found in a rural Australian backyard after possibly being dropped by a bird of prey has been discovered to be a purebred dingo.
  • The one-ton "Wizard Rock" that seemingly evaporated into thin air has returned to the Arizona national forest where it was stolen. Someone had a guilty conscience.
  • Prince Charles was caught up in a major $136 million fake art hoax.
  • Airbnb has banned "party houses" after a shooting at a San Francisco house killed five people.
  • A report says 691,000 Californians left the state last year.
  • China has approved a seaweed-based drug to treat Alzheimer's Disease.
  • NASA is sending a real oven into space to make cookies.
  • Speaking of cookies, the driving app WAZE is now able to offer you directions in Cookie Monster's voice.


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