Today In History...

In 1758 In the French and Indian Wars, the British capture Fort Duquesne at what is now Pittsburgh.
In 1783 The British evacuate New York, their last military position in the U.S. during the Revolutionary War.
In 1884 John B. Meyenberg of St. Louis, Missouri, patents evaporated milk.
In 1885 U.S. Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks dies at age 66, eight months after taking office.
In 1920 WTAW in College Station, TX, broadcasts the first play-by-play description of a football game, between the University of Texas and Texas A&M.
In 1922 The entrance of King Tut's tomb is discovered.
In 1933 The first Soviet liquid rocket attains an altitude of 261 feet.
In 1944 Baseball Commissioner Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis dies at age 78.
In 1952 Agatha Christie's "Mouse Trap" opens in London.
In 1957 President Dwight D. Eisenhower suffers a slight stroke.
In 1960 The first atomic reactor for research and development is operational in Richland, Washington.
In 1963 The body of President Kennedy is laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. At her husband's grave site, Jacqueline Kennedy lights the eternal flame that burns to this day.
In 1973 Greek President George Papadopoulos is ousted in a bloodless coup.
In 1973 President Nixon issues restrictions on fuel use and highway speeds.
In 1974 Former U.N. Secretary General U. Thant dies in New York of cancer at age 65.
In 1980 Sugar Ray Leonard regains the WBC welterweight championship.
In 1983 Soyuz T-9 returns to Earth, 149 days after take-off.
In 1984 William Schroeder of Jaspen, IN, is the second man to receive the Jarvik-7 artificial heart. (He lived 620 days on the device.)
In 1985 Cathy Smith stands trial for the murder of actor John Belushi.
In 1986 The Iran-Contra affair erupts as President Reagan and Attorney General Edwin Meese reveal that profits from secret arms sales to Iran had been diverted to Nicaraguan rebels.
In 1987 Harold Washington, the first black mayor of Chicago, dies in office at age 65 after suffering a heart attack.
In 1988 An earthquake centered in eastern Canada and measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale is felt across Canada and the northeastern U.S.
In 1990 Poland holds its first popular presidential election. Solidarity founder Lech Walesa won in a runoff the following month.
In 1991 Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev suffers a setback in his bid to hold the Soviet Union together when leaders of seven republics refused to endorse a treaty creating a new political union.
In 1995 Thousands of Serbs in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo protest the Bosnian peace plan, vowing to fight to the death.
In 1996 Testifying for a second day at a civil trial, O.J. Simpson again denied killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, but couldn't explain how blood believed to be the victims' got into his Bronco, or how he suffered hand cuts.
In 1998 IMF approves a $5.5 billion bailout for Pakistan.
In 2000 Hundreds of military veterans and retirees, angered by the rejection of overseas absentee ballots in Florida, hold a demonstration in Pensacola.
In 2001 CIA officer Johnny "Mike" Spann is killed during a prison uprising in Mazar-e-Sharif, becoming America's first combat casualty of the war in Afghanistan.
In 2001 Scientists in Worcester, MA, claim to have created the first early human embryo clones, none of which survived.
In 2002 President Bush signs legislation creating the Department of Homeland Security, and appointed Tom Ridge to be its head.
In 2003 The Senate gives final congressional approval to historic Medicare legislation combining a new prescription drug benefit with measures to control costs before the baby boom generation reaches retirement.


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