Born On This Day...

In 1712 Educator, Charles-Michel Epee (one-hand sign alphabet for deaf)
In 1835 Steel industrialist, Andrew Carnegie (founded Carnegie Hall)
In 1844 Inventor, Carl Friedrich Benz (first internal combustion car)
In 1846 Social reformer, Carry Amelia Moore Nation
In 1881 Pope, John XXIII (261st pope, 1958-63)
In 1896 Composer/author/journalist, Virgil Thomson
In 1910 Alto-sax/clarinetist, Willie Smith (Duke Ellington) [d: 3-7-67]
In 1914 Baseball Hall of Famer, Joe DiMaggio (Yankees) [d: 3-8-99]
In 1919 Actor, Steve Brodie (Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp) [d: 1-9-92]
In 1920 Actor, Ricardo Montalban (Fantasy Island, Wrath of Kahn) [d: 1-14-09]
In 1922 Actress, Shelagh Fraser (Aunt Beru Lars-Star Wars) [d: 9-14-00]
In 1924 Jazz performer, Paul Desmond (Dave Brubeck Quartet) [d: 5-30-77]
In 1925 Actor, Jeffrey Hunter (Christopher Pike-Star Trek) [d: 5-27-69]
In 1928 Jazz singer, Etta Jones [d: 10-16-01]
In 1929 Actor, Jack Hogan (Kirby-Combat, Sgt. Jerry Miller-Adam 12) (90)
In 1931 Trumpeter/songwriter, Nathaniel "Nat" Adderley [d: 1-2-00]
In 1933 Actress, Kathryn Crosby (Mr. Cory, Big Circus) (86)
In 1933 Actor, Rene Enriquez (Ray-Hill Street Blues) [d: 3-23-90]
In 1933 Football Hall-of-Famer, Lenny Moore (Baltimore Colts) (86)
In 1939 Economist, Martin Feldstein [d: 6-11-19]
In 1940 Astronaut, Reinhard Furrer (STS-22) (79)
In 1940 Singer, Percy Sledge (When A Man Loves A Woman) [d: 4-14-15]
In 1941 Video jock, J.J. Jackson (one of 5 original MTV VJs) [d: 3-17-04]
In 1942 Singer/songwriter, Bob Lind (Elusive Butterfly) (77)
In 1944 Football player, Bob Matheson (Dolphins) [d: 9-5-94]
In 1944 Actor/author, Ben Stein (The Wonder Years) (75)
In 1947 Drummer, Val Fuentes (It's A Beautiful Day) (72)
In 1947 Director, Jonathan Kaplan (Cannonball, Heart Like A Wheel) (72)
In 1947 Actor, John Larroquette (Night Court, John Larroquette Show) (72)
In 1947 Actor, Tracey Walter (Frog-Best of the West) (72)
In 1951 Baseball player, Russell Earl Dent (White Sox) (68)
In 1952 Actor, Ernest Harden Jr. (Marcus-The Jeffersons) (67)
In 1953 Playmate, Monique Saint Pierre (November-1978) (66)
In 1960 Singer, Amy Grant (Glory Of Love, Baby Baby) (59)
In 1960 Attorney/publisher, John F. Kennedy Jr. (George) [d: 7-16-99]
In 1960 Actress, Amy Gibson (General Hospital) (59)
In 1963 Football player, Bernie Kosar (Browns, Cowboys, Dolphins) (56)
In 1964 Bassist, Eric Grossman (K's Choice) (55)
In 1964 Singer, Mark Lanegan (Queens of the Stone Age) (55)
In 1964 U.S. platform diver, Wendy Wyland (Olympic-Bronze-1984) [d: 9-27-03]
In 1965 Football player/host, Cris Carter (Vikings, Inside the NFL) (54)
In 1965 Actor, Dougray Scott (Ever After, Mission Impossible II, Batwoman) (54)
In 1966 Singer, Stacy Lattisaw (Let Me Be Your Angel) (53)
In 1966 Guitarist, Rodney Sheppard (Sugar Ray) (53)
In 1967 Actor, Curtis Baldwin (Calvin Dobbs-227) (52)
In 1968 Actor, Jory Husain (Jawaharlai-Head Of The Class) (51)
In 1968 Rap singer, Erick Sermon (51)
In 1969 Actress, Jill Hennessy (Law & Order, Crossing Jordan) (50)
In 1971 Actress, Christina Applegate (Married With Children, Jesse) (48)
In 1971 Actor, Dedrick Gobert (Boyz In The Hood) [d: 11-19-94]
In 1976 Football player, Donovan McNabb (Eagles) (43)
In 1981 Daughters, Barbara and Jenna Bush (President George W. Bush) (38)
In 1998 Singer, Corbyn Besson (21)


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